Ballad Of Atari: 1980

Ballad Of Atari: 1980 (part 1) VCS Breaks Through Sales Sky Rocket With Space Invaders Cartridge       Ballad Of Atari: 1980 (part 2) Atari Is The Fastest Growing Company Ever Recorded

Ballad Of Atari: 1979

 Ballad Of Atari: 1979 (part 1) Rocks Floating In Space Insert Coin To  Shoot. Collects Quarters By The Ton             Ballad Of Atari: 1979 (part 1) The Four Horseman Of David, Larry Bob,… Read More

Ballad Of Atari: 1977-1978

Ballad Of Atari: 1977 TIA, RIOT and 6507. VCS Changes Everything             Ballad Of Atari: 1978 A Board Room Showdown Bushnell Booted By Gerard Welcome Ray Kassar

Ballad Of Atari: 1975-1976

Ballad Of Atari: 1975 LSI Home Pong A Chip Off The Coin-Op Block Sporting Goods For Nerds     Ballad Of Atari: 1976 Warner Buys Into VCS promise. Bushnell Starts Thinking: “Pizza?”

Ballad Of Atari: 1973-1974

 Ballad Of Atari: 1973 Fight Pong Copycats With Innovative Leisure: Space Race, Pong Doubles         Ballad Of Atari: 1974 The Kee To Success Is Fake Competition And A Game Named “Tank!”

Ballad Of Atari: 1971-1972

The Ballad Of Atari: 1971 Slick Computer Space Machines all ready to dance But few know the steps       The Ballad Of Atari: 1972 Avoid Missing Ball For High Score. Easy to learn But hard to… Read More

Atari Haiku: Star Ship & Air Sea Battle

CX2603 : Star Ship In 1980 Atari yanked this game From it’s catalog Amazing box art Bait and switch for this bizarre Unplayable mess E.T. and Pac-Man Don’t even chart next to Star Ship The worst game ever… Read More

Atari 2600 Donkey Kong leaves doubts about Neuroscience Experiments

Atari 2600 Donkey Kong leaves doubts about Neuroscience (Image courtesy of Atariage) Neuroscience experiments, using a reverse engineering technique, to dig into the the the 6502  code used to create the Atari 2600 version of Donkey Kong have… Read More

Atari 7800 Haiku

CX7805: Galaga 7800 Lovely Galaga Woke up early to play you Every morning Be damned high school For my passion awaits me On a ROM cartridge An “A” in “twin ships” A “D” in “Geometry” I’m summer school… Read More

Atari Haiku : Out Of Control

The Atari VCS was released with a slew of different controllers: The classic red-button joystick, the paddle controllers, the driving controllers,  and the keypads just to name a few. The CX40 (Joystick) The CX40 One binary way to… Read More

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