Atari Nerd Chronicles: The Best Christmas Ever

  Although I had no idea in early 1981, my brother and I were video game obsessed twins on a collision-course with the pinnacle of ultimate geekdom: computer ownership.    We both loved arcade games and owned an Atari… Read More

The 12 Years Of Atari Christmas 1981-1992

On Christmas ’81 Atari gave to me, a VCS under the Christmas tree   On Christmas ’82 Atari gave to me, two arcade conversions and a VCS under the Christmas tree   On  Christmas ’83 Atari  gave to… Read More

The Day Wii Played Hooky : How My Family Loved And Lost The Nintendo Wii

By Steve Fulton In 2006 my family played hooky: All 5 of us.  It was a Monday in November.  The previous day I had gotten-up very early to stand-in line at the local Target.  It was rumored that… Read More

Sometimes Destiny Lies Between The Lines or How 4th Grade Isn’t Necessarily The End Of The World

By Steve Fulton I sat next to Michael Jackson in the 4th grade.  Not that Michael Jackson, but Mike Jackson, my friend since he moved from England to  attend our Kindergarten at Pennekamp Elementary school in 1975. Mike,… Read More

Video Games Are My Hobby: My Essay From English Class, March 1982

My essay for Mr. Davis’ 6th grade English class, March 22, 1982, Foster A, Begg, Junior High, Manhattan Beach, CA. (text below) Steve Fulton 3-22-1982 Essay My favorite thing to do is play a video game. After school… Read More

Ode To A Game That Nobody Played

This is an ode to a game that nobody played For the classes and functions and code that I made For the weeks designing how the screen would be laid With Pseudo-3D and traces that rayed With cool… Read More

If I Won The Lottery I’d Open An Atari Store

If I won the lottery, I mean like $100,000,000 lottery, I would open an Atari Store. It would be in some kind of upscale mall or location  like Downtown Disney, Universal City Walk, The Beverly Center, The Grove,… Read More

Atari Nerd Chronicles: The Lost Age Of The Pizza Parlor

There is something significant missing on the restaurant landscape these days, at least here in the South Bay near L.A. in California: the classic 70’s/80’s “Pizza Parlor”. This was not just a pizza restaurant, but a community experience… Read More

1986 : Atari 7800 Christmas

  “Holy crap!” “What?” Jeff replied. He looked over at me to see that I reading an advertisement in Antic Magazine. “Look at this…Atari 7800’s for sale!” October of 1986 was a trying time for Atari 8-bit nerds… Read More

Atari Nerd Chronicles: R.I.P. My Boyhood Classic Arcade, Castle Park, Redondo Beach CA.

Most video game fans from the “golden age ” (roughly 1978-1983) frequented an arcade that they felt was “their own”. For many kids in the South Bay cities of Redondo, Hermosa and Manhattan Beach in Southern California, that… Read More

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