Spil Launches $50K HTML5 Game Contest

The Spil Group thinks HTML5 will surpass Flash on the web very soon, and they are willing to put money where their mouth is: specifically $50K! Here is a link the the article: HTML5 Mobile Game Sites and an HTML5 Developer Contest.

Here is what you need to know:

HTML5 Developer Contest:

As part of its commitment to HTML5, SPIL GAMES is inviting game developers to bring HTML5-based games to market through a contest. The contest boasts a total prize pot of $50,000, and winning games will be featured on all SPIL GAMES' mobile sites. The contest will run for six months, and each month SPIL GAMES will select new games to be awarded. Developers can submit their games and find all related information at www.html5contest.com.


Intel/TheGameCreators Game Development Contest (Dark Basic)

Intel & The Game Creators (Dark Basic) has a new Netbook Game development contest.  Games must be written in Dark Basic.  First prize is $5000.

The competition opens on 4th August 2010 9AM GMT.

The closing date for entries is 3rd October 2010 at 12PM GMT.

You can check out the details here:


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Contest: Jay Is Games Casual Gameplay Design Contest #8

Design a game that incorporates the theme Sandbox . It doesn't have to be complex nor large in scope.  You may use any browser-based technology platform

Due date: August 1, 2010

Contest Site: http://jayisgames.com/archives/2010/06/game_design_competition_8.php


Contest: Kongregate is going mobile

Here's your opportunity to contribute to the mobile world. Adobe and Kongregate are working together to bring you the Mobile Flash Game Contest with Adobe Flash, which we're giving away nearly $30,000 in prizes! We are hoping to engage users with fun games as part of a rich Internet experience that work seamlessly across any device anywhere.

Quality games entered in the contest will be added to a growing list of the many Flash-based mobile games already on Kongregate's Mobile Site for Android phone users to play.

Count me in! How do I enter?

To enter, create a mobile game using Adobe Flash or optimized an existing game for mobile that includes the basic requirements of the Adobe Flash Platform. Bonus points will be given to any game that implements any extra credit features. Other requirements and resources are provided.

When you're ready to submit your game, upload your mobile game to Kongregate by August 23, 2010. Judging based on these criteria will be considered when determining the winners.


Contest : Flash Game License "Cell Your Flash Game"

The rules are simple: submit a high-quality Flash game that can be played and enjoyed on Android 2.2 smart phones.

You can enter a brand new game or port one of your existing games, and you can enter more than one game in this contest.

By entering, you agree to grant us a non-exclusive license to display your game (with your 3rd party ads turned off, if applicable) on a new mobile gaming portal we're creating. The site, which will be www.gameanyplace.com, will promote awareness of Flash gaming on portable devices.

Games will be judged based on how well they meet Adobe's criteria for mobile games, as well as on the quality of gameplay. (But they won't be judged on the use of advanced phone features like an accelerometer or multi-touch input.)

Your game needs to work in the mobile environment as well as possible. That means that:

  • Your game must scale appropriately to multiple screen resolutions, keeping buttons and interactive elements at a usable size.
  • Your game's rescaled user interfaces must work with game logic. For example, hunt-the-pixel games must not become unacceptably difficult.
  • And input events that aren't supported on a mobile device - like mouse-over and mouse-move events - must not be important to game-play.

Winning entries will also:

  • Perform well on less-capable devices.
  • Support the "Pick up and Play" game flow that mobile players expect.
  • Look great at smaller resolutions.
  • Be incredibly fun and cool to play!

Here is a link to the contest page:



Contest: Mochi Media – Mobile Gaming Contest with Adobe

Mochi Media and Adobe are putting on a Flash game contest and extending through the fall. You may remember that Mochi was one of the first to develop a mobile site for Android with Adobe's new Flash player. Well, this 'Made for Mobile' contest is for developers to create games for the Android mobile platform that runs in Adobe Flash Player 10.1. The contest will give prizes to the developers and the submissions will be showcased on Mochi's mobile-optimized site that was launch a month or so ago.
Some details about the contest:

* Submissions are judged on aesthetics, usability, performance, creativity and coding quality;
* Games will be judged by a panel of representatives from Mochi, Adobe, and a few gaming journalists;
* Submissions are due by midnight on October 8, 2010 and winners will be announced the week of October 18th.

For more information you can visit http://www.mochimedia.com/contest

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