See You At DevCon5, New York, Next Week!

I will be speaking about the HTML5 Canvas at 3 sessions of DevCon5 in New York next Monday, July 23rd. If anyone is near NYU, DevCon5 is a great way to learn all sorts of cool stuff about HTML5.  Unfortunately, Jeff can't make it this time, which means I'm twin-less (My wife is coming along though, which will be awesome, as we have never been to New York together).  If anyone that comes to this site is going, please make yourself known.  I'd love to meet you.

-Steve Fulton

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The DevCon5 HTML5 Conference April 2012 Trek Diary

By Jeff Fulton

Steve and I were asked to speak at DevCon5 again this last week. We did two sessions on the HTML5 Canvas.   At the same time, we are working on a second edition of our O'Reilly HTML5 Canvas Book. We were able to pull content from the betas we are working on for the new edition and use them for the sessions, so it was a win-win just to work on the presentations. It helped us focus on what new is going on with the Canvas and HTML5 gaming communities and pin-point areas we felt needed to be covered.  What we prepared was actually one lone 3 hour session, made up of 200 slides and 700MB of demo files.

The first session was an introduction to the Canvas and a new Hello World App (that is going to be part of the second edition of our book). The 2nd session focused on game and app demos demonstrating what can be accomplished in the 2d context .  We spend most of this session showing off new game demos for the 2nd edition of the book that all play on and iPad with full frame rates (these will also feature heavily in the new edition).

We flew up Wednesday (but did not have to present until Thursday morning) and were supposed to leave at 11:30. Of course as soon as we got to the gate, we found that  but our first flight was cancelled.   We were forced onto a later flight. There were no other incidents boarding, and the Southwest staff was excellent as always.

Flight to San Jose


Four HTML5 Canvas Game Demos Running Full Screen On An iPad 2 (video)

By Jeff Fulton

Four HTML5 Canvas games with touch controls running from our web site as full screen apps on an iPad 2. Notice the smooth performance in Mobile Safari. These also run on the Kindle Fire web browser with similar performance.

Music:  "Short Term Memory Lane" by JJ And The Real Jerks.


See You At DevCon5, Santa Clara!


Jeff and I are very excited to be speaking again at DevCon5 Santa Clara, next week.   We will be speaking at two sessions the morning of Thursday the 26th. We have been busy for the past few days completely revamping our presentation from last December so we can focus on  new developments in the world of the HTML5 Canvas, and specifically about the area of mobile web and mobile web games.  We look forward to meeting you there!

Below is a video from Carl Ford who, along with Bonnie Kravis, are the masterminds behind DevCon5.   Bonnie and Carl are two of the finest we have met while on this HTML5 journey, and we are honored that they have invited us back again for another round.





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