Controlled Chaos and The Meaning in Software Development

I believe that I was born to be a computer programmer. Somewhere, deep in my soul, there is a need to organize my thoughts in ways that are both new and interesting, but also foundational and reusable at… Read More

Listen Kids, This Job Won’t Exist When You’re My Age

The airline pilot was absolutely killing it. I was standing in the back of the room, waiting for my turn, and thinking ‘I have gone about this all wrong‘. The pilot had all the 2nd graders gathered around… Read More New Year’s Resolutions

Play games with my family more often Spend less time on social media sites Spend less time worried about “likes” and spend more time giving “hugs” When playing retro games, savor each one.  Find the best way to recreate… Read More

“…and The Kitchen Is Stocked With Free Beer And Snacks!” : A Short One Act Play

Setting: Snack room in an anonymous pre-IPO start-up software  firm.  Boxes of candy bars and chips line a large, round table in the middle of the room.  An industrial sized refrigerator with a glass door is off to… Read More

Don’t be afraid of Windows 8 Desktop

This (Windows 8 has problems, but it doesn’t deserve the dreaded Vista comparison)says that Windows 8 is only good for touch screens.   He is wrong. Windows 8 is just Windows 7 with new “window” dressing and a… Read More

In His Latest Column, Bob Cringley Finally Tackles The Current State Of I.T.

Bob Cringley has finally done it.  He has finally written a column that tries to tackle the current sad state of corporate IT.  You have to read until the end, but in a single paragraph he crystalizes the… Read More

Sim City Social : Social Game Perfection, Cynical Game Design

Yesterday I sat down to try Sim City Social.    I, honestly, wanted to see how EA had translated one of my favorite old school games to the Facebook platform.   I was not playing as a “joke”… Read More

Randomness: The Best Cartoon ever Made: Feed The Kitty (now on

This doesn’t look like it was posted by a legit source, so enjoy it while you can.

When Social Media Fails

This week I found out that someone I know is in a very bad situation.  Actually, the situation is dire, really horrible, and honestly, unimaginable.    I went to school with this person, and for a couple of… Read More

Where is the Point Blank Remake?

(Jeff Fulton) Point Blank and Point Blank 2 were 2 of the best party style games for the original Playstation. You needed a “gun controller” that oddly hooked up to the video “in” on your TV and to the controller… Read More

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