Cerebral Fix CEO Ben Dellaca Says They Just "Discovered" Mid-Core Gaming. We Beg To Differ.

In an article at games.blog.com  Cerebral Fix CEO Ben Dellaca says they just discovered “Mid-core Gaming”: Is Zynga dominating social games on Facebook so much, that it’s, in a way, killing it?  I go to all of the conferences and… Read More

Mid-Core Update: Wikipedia, And A Mid-Core Life, 8bitrocket.com Update

WikiPedia Just when we thought we had put a cap on the whole Mid-Core thing, we’ve had two interesting developments in that area in the past week.  First, back in 2008 there was a group of loyal readers… Read More

Midcore Gamer Manifesto, 3.5 Years Later

Back in 2008, Jeff wrote a story named “I Am A Midcore Gamer” and I followed-it-up with a story named “The Midcore Gamer Manifesto“.  Both stories travelled the interbaun far and wide and caused a bit of a… Read More

Review: Atari Greatest Hits Volume 1 For The Nintendo DS

Playing retro games is much adu about nuance.   If the little things do not feel “right”, the overall game is usually failure, no matter how much effort went into recreating the past.  Nuances are much more than… Read More

Microsoft Kinect Day 4: Lightsaber Dreams

So I have to admit, one of the reasons I bought a Wii on release day was the because I thought it would be a perfect platform to finally play a Star Wars game with a lightsaber. Ever… Read More

Microsoft Kinect: It Sees My Feet!!!

I’ve had my microsoft Kinect for excatly 1 hour now, and i’m totally hooked.  All of the things that frusted me about the Wii have been fixed.  Sports games are amazing on this thing, mostly because it can… Read More

Mac Steam: A Bonus!

So here is something really cool I just discovered.  I decided to install the Mac version of Steam, so I could look at some downloadable games.  When I got it installed, I logged-in with the Steam account I… Read More

No More Printed Game Manuals For "The Environment", or "Pay Twice For What You Used To Get For Free"

The Gamer’s Blog has a very interesting story about Ubi Soft jettisoning printed game manuals as a “green initiative”.  thsoundman writes: “No more man’u’als? Ubisoft announced this week that they will be ditch’ing the trend of print’ing instruc’tion… Read More

Review: Kill Screen Magazine Issue 0

Review: Kill Screen Magazine Issue 0 I’ve written had many stories through the years at 8bitrocket.com about video game magazines. I’ve covered personal stories about magazines like Electronic Games that influenced me while growing-up. I’ve interviewed some of… Read More

One Of The Best Mainstream Game Articles In A Long Time: The Magic of Wii Sports Resort @ IGN

Michael Thomsen @ wii.ign.com has written what I believe is one of the best gaming articles I have ever read.  His piece, The Magic of Wii Sports Resort is notable not just for it’s structure and style, but… Read More

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