Wii Motion Plus/Wii Sports Resort : First Impressions

I picked-up my reserved copy of Wii-Motion Plus/Wii Sports Resort yesterday at Target.  My first impression is this: No Need To Reserve It. There were many many copies, and not too many buyers.  I also noticed that Target… Read More

E3: Gaming Cameras For Motion Control: Have They Really Thought This Through?

Both Microsoft and Sony announced camera-based game control solutions at E3 2009.  At the same time, Nintendo has said they rejected this kind of technology years ago in favor of the Wii-mote. Satoru Iwata, Nintendo President said recently: “Until… Read More

PC Gamer Subscription Chronicles 2: Into The Black Hole

PC Gamer Subscription Chronicles 2: Into The Black Hole In the first entry of this series, I relayed a mildly amusing story of how PC Gamer has inexplicably lost my new subscription, The event is seemingly suspect as… Read More

Game Magazine Subscriptions Cancelled? Credit/Refund might Be Waiting For You.

Have you lost out on a game magazine subscription (or any other subscription) in the past couple years because the publication has ceased operations? Well, if you bought the subscription through any kind of “magazine drive” (Girl Scouts,… Read More

PC Gamer Subscription Chronicles #1: Where Are My #$@! Magazines?

Some of you who have been paying close attention may have seen this story from back in December.  Back then I thought it would be fun to do a review of PC Gamer Magazine.  I had just started… Read More

Steve's List Of The Top-10 Most Insanely Addictive Mid-Core Game Ever Created

OK, this is kind of “time-out” from other content.  While I’m working on some Silverlight entries, new Flash games, etc, I thought I would go back a bit and name my Top-10 “Insanely Addictive” games of all time. … Read More

Everybody's doing it, so why not do it too…

Everybody’s doing it, so why not do it too… Getting an Xbox 360 that is. I have been on a “vacation” for the last 2 weeks from my day job. This “vacation” hasn’t equated into much game programming… Read More

Xbox 360 Adventures #1: Netflix

A few months ago I wrote a prediction that the Xbox 360 would soon die an untimely death. Since then the machine has systematically proved me wrong. It has outsold the PS3, and has done very well against… Read More

A Midcore Gamer Reviews PC Gamer Magazine: January 2009 Issue

A Midcore Gamer Reviews PC Gamer Magazine: January 2009 Issue I recently re-started my subscription to PC Gamer after a 5 year break. Ironically, I now do not own a desktop PC any longer (although I have a… Read More

Spore Is Midcore!

I know I’m not the first person to mention this (I saw link from another blog that puts the idea of Spore and Midcore in the same sentence), but I just want to reiterate just how much SPORE… Read More

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