Midcoregamer.com Midcore RSS Aggregation Features

Midcoregamer.com has been scouring the web for the past few weeks to locate blogs that are relevant to the Midcore audience.  We found an increasing number of homegrown bloggers that have taken the concept of  the “midcore gamer” (as… Read More

Destructoid: The Myth Of Casual Gaming = Midcore?

Jim Sterling over at Destructoid has written a very insightful blog about The Myth Of Casual Gaming .  Jim writes: The truth of the matter is that the hardcore/casual divide is little more than a myth, and the companies… Read More

Mid-Core Gamer Spreads Across The Web

As the usage of the term “Mid-core Gamer” continues to spread across the web, we will periodically update you on its impact. Here is a list of interesting stories and links to internet chatter about “Mid-core Gamers” The… Read More

Mid-CoreGamer.com Update, Mid-Core Manifesto 1.3, Mid-Core Gamer Review Format

We have been working feverishly to get our support for the Mid-Core community launched.  We have received tons of feedback, and we have been altering our udeas and plans accordingly.  First off, the initial version of http://www.midcoregamer.com is… Read More

Midcore Gamer: Update, Web site, Wiki, Creative Commons

We’ve had a flood of interest and feedback over our Midcore Manifesto posted last week. and much of it has been very positive. The idea of Midcore has filtered out to places like Kotaku, Joystiq, RockPaperShotGun, NerdNYC, Destructoid,… Read More

Mid-Core Gamer Manifesto

A few weeks back, we here at 8bitrocket.com declared ourselves to be Mid-Core Gamers. Jeff’s declaration was met with a smattering of agreement from other sites, but it was not an earth shaking response. Still, it was encouraging,… Read More

To Coin A Phrase?

It looks like Jeff’s blog yesterday about being a “Mid-Core” gamer has struck a chord with a few people.  We had one of our best days ever yesterday (traffic-wise) and we got some good placements on sites like… Read More

Am I a MID-CORE gamer?

I hear the term GAMER all the time. Usually it is used with disgust as someone asks if I am one. By GAMER, they mean a sweaty teen in his parent’s basement, or a sweaty 40 year old… Read More

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