Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Play our old Flash Game Mission Leprechaun

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

In honor of this day (and my Scotch Irish roots) plus the demise of Mochi (where this game was initially published), I present to everyone who is NOT on mobile, a game I created about 7 years ago (with my sister Mari and Steve Fulton helping with level graphics and level design respectively). It's in Flash, so you can't play it on a mobile device unless you have an Android device with the Flash player (and a keyboard). Your mission on each level to to rescue the trapped Leprechaun. There's more to it and LOT's of power-ups and strategy. It is essentially a Pacman like game with much more going on. I think this one got up to about 2.5 Million plays before I stopped looking or counting. It's fun though, and difficult. Read the instructions to get the full gist of it. The song at the beginning is an original by me (no singing, so don't cringe before you play).

Mission Leprechaun

Mission Leprechaun

Play on Mind Jolt.



Goodbye and Thanks Mochi Media

On March 14th Mochiland, the blog that has been the mouthpiece for Machi Media since 2006, announced that the array of Mochi Media services for Flash game developers will go offline on March 31st.  Josh Larson wrote a logn detailed message to describe the situtation. Here is the most important part of it:

"It saddens me to make this announcement today–our parent company Shanda has decided to dissolve the Mochi Media business. The last day that Mochi Media services will be available is March 31, 2014."

Developers and publishers who use the service should read the blog post so they can find out what to do with their content, and what they need to do to get their final payments from Mochi Media.

As a long-time Flash developer myself, I know full-well the flack Flash got in the traditional game community, some of it deserved, and some of it not.  However, no one can deny that the Mochi set of services, from Mochibot (basic stats), through Mochi Ads, Analytics, High Scores, Game fund coins, content hosting, distribution, etc. were game changers.   Mochi's self-publishing model for indie game developers was the template for the current mobile games industry.    The Mochi set of services gave 1000's of bedroom and semi-professional game developers their first taste at the joys and pitfalls of what the indie game industry would become in 2014.   In that way, long before iTunes and Google Play,  Mochi services acted as a breeding ground for game talent where almost anyone could get an idea published at their discretion. The ones who had thick skins, and were not discouraged by low eCPM rates, kept making games until they were good enough to ply their skills elsewhere.

It's not a mystery as to why Mochi Media has to close its' doors.  Most "Flash" game developers I knew from the halcyon days of Mochi services (2006-2010) have moved on to make games in  HTML5, Unity, and Corona for platforms like Android, iOS and  Steam.   Some of them were lured out of their bedrooms to work on Facebook games for giant companies, and then moved onto jobs in the traditional games and media industries.  Others just kept making games on their own.  Almost all of them are still working in the games industry today.

It's sad that Mochi could not find a way to extend to mobile and HTML5 gaming themselves,  Their inability to change with the times is a lesson for pioneers of new platforms.  Maybe if they did not sell out to Shanda so quickly, maybe if they did not rely on a single technology for their APIs, they could have survived and thrived.

Maybe, or maybe not.

However, for myself, Mochi Media meant freedom. It meant I could finally break out and make the games I wanted to make, and publish them when I wanted to publish them: who cares if they were not good enough, or the types of games people wanted to play?  I could experiment with little consequence, iterate, and try again.  Mochi let me do that. For me, Mochi Media were the DIY disruptors of the the game industry.

They were my indie "label".

They were my punk rock.

And I will never forget them.

-Steve Fulton


Outpost 2 is quite simply the best free web game ever created!

By Jeff Fulton (8bitjeff)

A couple old buddies of mine from the UK and Germany have created what I consider to be quite simply the best free Web game ever created. It's a retro-style top-down shooter / adventure game. Think Half Life if viewed from above. And you have an AI friend along to help you out. It's splendid.

Check it out if you any interest in a fun game experience.



Great Job Richard Myles (Squize) and Olli Ngfx (nGfx).

Play it, then hire them to make your next game. They deserve it!

More info is all over their Blog at the GamingYourWay.com site.



Xbox 360 Internet Explorer Plays HTML5 Games…But Not Flash

This morning I work up early to download the new Xbox Live update that includes Internet Explorer.  My goal was to try out some of our HTML5 Canvas game experiments to see is they work on the new I.E for the Xbox.   To my surprise, they work fairly well.   Both 1945 Demo and Atari 2600 Match 3 work with the game pad (the mouse maps well to the analog stick) and include nearly all the sound FX (no mean feat for an HTML5 game).

The main issues seem to be the is the size/scale of the games, and mapping the cursor to stay inside the game area. I spent no time trying to update the games to work inside the 360 I.E. browser, but I'm certain it will not take very long to optimize them for the platform.

Obviously, the games are just demos and need work, but you can see that there might be a bright future for browser-based games on the Xbox...at least in HTML5.   The Flash games I tried did not work, and it looks like the player cannot be installed.   So much for playing Home Computer Wars on the Xbox.  I guess I need to make a version in HTML5.






Atari 2600 Match  3 Demo






1945 Demo




Ace The Super Villain Comes Out Strong With “FireArm”

Another day, and another encouraging sign of things getting back on track.

Ace The Super Villain , One of our best and longest running readers has just finished a new game named "FireArm", an impressive beat-em-up style game in Flash.     You Can see it below.

This is how Ace described the project:

"FireArm honors the great tradition of beat 'em up games with hard-as-heck enemies and zany combat, plus its own modern twists.  If you're in the mood to beat the crap out of things, give it a go.  "

Since the game is up for Sponsorship, you will need an FGL login to play it right now: http://www.flashgamelicense.com/view_game.php?game_id=23206
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Rush Hour Plus! Yes, Good Flash Shooters On The Web Are Still Being Produced!

We were just sent a link to this from our friends over at Sokay.net (Chris Rock and Bryson Whiteman)!   Rush Hour Plus is a classic, pixelated shooter with power-ups and insane blasting action.   The game made me happy today, which is no mean feat.   Click below to play:



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Simply Brilliant: Dulldudegames

One of our super-brilliant readers, "AndyGoesToHollywood", sent over link to Dulldudegames because he wanted us to take a look at Iain Lobb's simply brilliant game design tool. I am very impressed, especially with the platformer widget. I don't think there is any way to have it show you the code it is using (which would make is ultimately useful), but as a sandbox is it pretty cool.

After playing with it for a few minutes I took a look around and starting playing the other games on the site. There are 16 games available, some of which I had already played and knew were brilliant (Stacker and Super Stacker for example). Some I had never seen before:

Pop Pirates: I assume the Iain that coded this is Iain Lobb, but anyway it is a very polished, fun "fly up the screen an blast the f*** out of everything" game. It includes bouncy music and has that retro atmosphere that makes me feel like I'm at home sitting in front of my Atari ST avoiding class and waiting for summer to start.
90% Retrotastic

Don't Look Back: This is a unique adventure  / platform title. It shares elements with quite a few classic games (Pitfall, Hero, Raiders of the Lost Ark etc) but is brilliant in its own way. Each screen presents a challenge to find your way to the exit. There are guns to pick up, enemy/obstacles to blast, jump over, climb over, and more. The style is similar to the Atari 2600 or other very early 8-bit systems.
89% Retrotastic

Hanna in a Choppa: A strange and awesome jaunty little game where you must fly a helicopter trough tunnels and solve little dexterity puzzles with the controls. It is very stylistic and quite s fun time.
89% Retrotastic

There are many other games on the site to check out. I am not sure if they are all done by the same group of people (Iain and his friends) or if some are from other developers. Any case this site has an excellent selection of unique titles to play and learn from.

Simply Brilliant.

(8bitjeff is Jeff D. Fulton)


Games I'll Play Again: Retro-styled Flash Game Micro Reviews

Again I find myself with a few minutes between asset delivery and code re-writes and instead of doing something practical like working on Solar Fortress or Lunch Battle (or any of the 100 other games I have started and not finished), I am playing other people's games.

Here are a few first impression micro reviews of retro styled games I found on the Flash Game Distribution emails from the last week:

Weave: This is a simple looking, but fun little Qix style game. Nothing fancy, but Qix is one of my favorite all-time Arcade games.
75% Retrotastic

Crazy Fighter:  This is a side scrolling military blaster. Everything look great with lots of explosions and it is optimized well. I couldn't figure out who was good and who was bad, but it will be fun to play it again and find out.
83% Retrotastic

Space Annihilation: This my CURRENT FAVORITE GAME!!! It is a very nicely crafted top-down scrolling shooter similar to Xenon II Megablast. It doesn't try to do too much, but what it does do it does PERFECTLY! It is exactly like I am playing an a Late 80's Atari ST game.
90% Retrotastic.

Pixel Arcade: Duh! I we have been talking about making this exact game for a year now.  This is a selection of very simple white pixel on a black background games. They look like early Vic 20 or Ti-99 games. There are basic shooters, breakout, snakes games and more all perfectly done in a retro style.  Note: This was done in Multimedia Fusion and then saved out with a Flash wrapper (not that it matters).
80% Retrotastic.

Retro Car Racing:  This is an impressive looking re-make of a hand-held style 70's racing game. It is so damn retro and packed with large B/W pixel greatness.
80% Retrotastic

Doomrunner FX: A retro-style (in game play) single screen area shooter (Asteroids / Robotron) with a more modern polish. Very well done.
85% Retrotastic.

Madness - Funhouse:  A well done "Contra / Castlevania" style plaformer/shooter. Lots of blood, etc if you are into that sort of thing.
80% Retrotastic.

Duckstazy: I'm not sure what you do in this one, but it is a unique little game where you need to keep a duck in the air by jumping ans collecting item. I need more time with it, but so far it is a pleasant little game experience.
79% Retrotastic.

(8bitjeff is Jeff D. Fulton)

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More Games I Might Play Again (Flash Game Micro Reviews)

Ahh, here I am, its a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Southern California, and I am in doors, playing YOUR games. God I hope they are good this time...

Hikouki Tomodachi (FGD) (82% Retrotastic) - A very fun, and well done 1 or 2 player vertical scrolling blast-fest.

Darts and Beer (FGD) (75% Retrotastic) - Just as the title states. Play a pretty decent version of Flash darts and chug some beer (virtual) between each round. The more you drink the more difficult the game becomes.

Megapolis Traffic (FGD) (79% Retrotastic) - I love the look of this game.   The object is to navigate public transportation to get to your desired end point. A novel concept.  There are some interesting game design ideas in this one.

Protect The Treasure (FGD) (70% Retrotastic) - A simple, but pretty well presented shooter. You must protect your treasure from the attacking horde of zombie-like creatures.

Britney Spears (FGD) (10% Retrotatsic) - This dress-up game is notable only for how little the avatar looks  like Britney Spears.  It gets 10% because they did a good job looping the music sample. Let's note that I don't despise these games and understand they have and audience and hopefully make some money for the developers. This is not a good one though.

Santa Pod Racer (FGD) (80% Retrotastic) - Now, this is a well done little "Dragster" style game. It reminds me of the Atari 2600 classic.

Gunzy (FGD) (80% Retrotastic) - Another fun little game. You keep the can in the air while earning badges and shooting other little critters that make an appearance. It really is a cool little time waster.

Zombie Beast Stampede (FGD) (83% Retrotastic) - A deep and fun little "Tower" not "Path" defense style game combined with an arcade shooter.

E7 (FGD) (90% Retrotastic) - A cinematic masterpiece hiding in a very well crafted physics-based side-scrolling adventure.


Games I’ll Play Again #3 – Flash Game Distribution and Mochi Reviews

I find it easier to get into my day if I play a few games first.  Digging through the Mochi Latest and Flash Game Distribution feed, here are some games that were good or bad enough for me to want to take a second look (at some ethereal unspecified future date).

Deep Diver (FGD) (83% Retrotastic) - A well made arcade / exploration game with mellow music (I was almost lulled to sleep by the long intro and the music, but it is a great game for kids)

Crazy Race Arena 2 (FGD) (85% Retrotastic) - An ambitious (if slightly flawed) first person 3D "smash-em-up derby game". This took some technical wizardry.

Cork Blaster (Mochi) (65% Retrotastic) - This isn't a deep game, you simply try to shoot the corks off the tops of bottles, but if you miss and shoot the bottles it makes a satisfying explosion. That's enough to get me excited this morning.

Zombie Miner (Mochi) (80 % Retrotastic) - Well made, fun little mining game (shoot to grab treasure from the top of the screen style) with a Zombie(?) theme.

Paint Man (Mochi) (65% Retrotastic) - Better than it looks 8-bit (or even 4-bit) style game.  It's hard to explain, so watch the tutorial.

Cavity Crusade (Mochi) (88% Retrotastic) - I was getting bored and ready to stop reviewing games, but then this gem came along. Shoot the baddies and save the teeth.

Space Mission (Mochi) (75% Retrotastic) - There are both English and Spanish versions of this little arena / avoider game. Not incredible, but it was fun for a few plays a little unique.

Soviet Conquest (Mochi) (75% Retrotastic) - Hmm, I don't know about this one, but I would try it out again. You don't find too many traditional war games on Mochi. if I have time I will come back...

Oil Spill Escape - (Mochi) (82% Retrotastic) - Very well crafted little side-scroller where you avoid the gulf oil spill.

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