Controlled Chaos and The Meaning in Software Development

I believe that I was born to be a computer programmer. Somewhere, deep in my soul, there is a need to organize my thoughts in ways that are both new and interesting, but also foundational and reusable at… Read More


De-Motivational Engineering Problem Solving Worksheet from 1989 applies now more than ever

(warning, some adult language is in this post) By Jeff Fulton (8bitjeff) When my dad left his job at Hughes Aircraft in 1989, he gave my brother, Steve, and I a lot of advice and a whole bunch… Read More

Dead End Game Development: There Is No Such Thing As Free Beer

  Note: “Game Development Dead end” is new blog series where we tell the stories behind games that were never finished or released (most of the time,  for good reasons.)    For every game a developer releases, usually… Read More

MEAN Stack Primer

MEAN Stack Primer. MEAN – at its core, MEAN means Javascript. Unlike other technology platforms, the MEAN stack allows the user to rely on a single technology for the full stack architecture (front-end, back-end, database, and MVC). Many… Read More

What Indie Game Developers Can Learn From Jordon Mechner’s Book “The Making Of Karateka”

I’ve always been a huge fan of Jordon Mechner’s Karateka.  Released in late 1984, it was one of the major  games that bridged the gap between the pure arcade games of “Golden Age of Atari” and the richer… Read More

International Day Against DRM is Tuesday, May 6th

Here at 8bitrocket, we fully support a DRM-Free world. A place where you control the content you PURCHASE. Yes, I said purchase.  There are just pennies on the dollar for the developers of EVERY medium in today’s world… Read More

Applesoft BASIC JavaScript Emulator: My First Game (from 1979)

I found this emulator the other day : Applesoft BASIC in JavaScript   last week while at GDC, and it got me thinking about the first games I wrote on my friend Eric’s Apple II back in the 70’s… Read More

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Play our old Flash Game Mission Leprechaun

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!! In honor of this day (and my Scotch Irish roots) plus the demise of Mochi (where this game was initially published), I present to everyone who is NOT on mobile, a game I created… Read More

Goodbye and Thanks Mochi Media

On March 14th Mochiland, the blog that has been the mouthpiece for Machi Media since 2006, announced that the array of Mochi Media services for Flash game developers will go offline on March 31st.  Josh Larson wrote a logn… Read More

Compile Me Baby! Dedicated to the 2005-2010 Indie Flash Game Underground!

Compile Me Baby! Dedicated to the 2005-2010 Indie Flash Game Underground! To all those that were through through the Mochi and Flash Game License Years. WE salute you.

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