Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Play our old Flash Game Mission Leprechaun

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!! In honor of this day (and my Scotch Irish roots) plus the demise of Mochi (where this game was initially published), I present to everyone who is NOT on mobile, a game I created… Read More

Goodbye and Thanks Mochi Media

On March 14th Mochiland, the blog that has been the mouthpiece for Machi Media since 2006, announced that the array of Mochi Media services for Flash game developers will go offline on March 31st.  Josh Larson wrote a logn… Read More

Compile Me Baby! Dedicated to the 2005-2010 Indie Flash Game Underground!

Compile Me Baby! Dedicated to the 2005-2010 Indie Flash Game Underground! To all those that were through through the Mochi and Flash Game License Years. WE salute you.

Xbox 360 Internet Explorer Plays HTML5 Games…But Not Flash

This morning I work up early to download the new Xbox Live update that includes Internet Explorer.  My goal was to try out some of our HTML5 Canvas game experiments to see is they work on the new… Read More

Flash CS6 + Our Book On Flash + iOS = Surprisingly Good Performance. I Feel Vindicated

A couple years ago, Jeff and I published The Essential Guide To Flash Games through Friends Of Ed.   At nearly the EXACT moment the book went into print, the whole Apple/Flash/iPad flap blew-up the Flash world.  … Read More

Flash Professional CS6 Includes Sprite Sheet Generator

Wow.  It seems like just a few years ago, we here at 8bitrocket.com were the only ones talking about using sprite sheets with Flash, and now Adobe has embraced the idea, adding support to export Flash animations as… Read More

Things We’ve Learned The Hard Way #2: Getting Paid

By Steve Fulton

Web/Mobile/Mobile Web Game Development Survey : Hype vs. Reality : Help Us Sort It Out

By Steve Fulton

Adobe Working With CreateJS (Grant Skinner) To Let Flash CS6.0 Export To HTML5 Canvas

By Steve Fulton We found out about Grant Skinner’s CreateJS project a few weeks ago, and were instantly excited to start writing about it for the second edition of  HTML5 Canvas.      The libraries he is helping… Read More

Flash Premium Features: Adobe Wants Some “Zynga Money”, But Probably Not Yours

By Steve Fulton Adobe announced yesterday a set of “Premium Features” for Flash.  These are features that, when used for web games, will require a license fee after a certain threshold of revenue  has been reached (currently $50K)… Read More

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