Flash Gaming Summit Coming up Fast! (March 4th)

The Flash Gaming Summit returns again this year as the première event for Flash game developers.   We were honored to both be invited to speak (we could not sync up our plans unfortunately) and to be judges… Read More

Adobe Donates Flex To Open Source Foundation

Not much else to say here except to link to this: Adobe donates Flex to foundation in community-friendly exit strategy. A good move to keep Flex viable for developers for the foreseeable future. (Thanks to R.J. Lormier for the heads-up)

More Fuel For The HTML5 Fire: Adobe Admits That The Long Term Viability Of The Flex SDK In Doubt

In the “Your Questions About Flex Blog” on blogs.adobe.com, Adobe appears to be putting the future of Flex in doubt: Does Adobe recommend we use Flex or HTML5 for our enterprise application development? In the long-term, we believe… Read More

Flash Is Dead? Games Volume Grows And Multi-player Pays Off: An Interview With Mochi Media

Recently we caught-up with Alexander Shen from Mochi Media to ask him about the state of Mochi and viral Flash Games.  His responses are truly enlightening.  Far from Flash being dead and buried, it appears that both the… Read More

Our Favorite Viral Videos About The Games And Web Business

Code Monkey Jonathan Coulton’s classic song about the life of a software developer.  One of the all-time best songs ever written.   Angry Video Game Nerd : Atari 5200 So this is not just a video, but a… Read More

The Flash CS5.5 Air Package to iOS Kicks ass!

I had avoided upgrading the Flash CS5.5 for a few months because the job I had  didn’t really need it and I had been exploring Corona and Cocos-2d for iOS development. Then, just last week, I was asked… Read More

Unity -> Flash Stage 3D Looks Impressive

Yesterday at the free “Flash Day” at the Unity Unite conference, the Unity team showed off their new Unity -> Flash Stage 3D converter.  The product exactly what it sounds like it does: it converts 3D games built… Read More

How Adobe Can Win The Flash War

We here at 8bitrocket.com love Flash. Sure we also have a fondness for the HTML5 Canvas, but we still love Flash and have no desire to see it disappear.  We also have not seen a real change in… Read More

Google Swiffy? Not Yet.

Google Labs released Swiffy last week, their attempt to allow people to easily convert .swfs to HTML5.   However, instead of being a revolutionary technology, rather, it shows just how far HTML5 needs to go before it can… Read More

Ode To A Game That Nobody Played

This is an ode to a game that nobody played For the classes and functions and code that I made For the weeks designing how the screen would be laid With Pseudo-3D and traces that rayed With cool… Read More

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