Retro Blaster High Score King, Contra, Super Mario, and Burnout 3, etc

A very cool dude named Jason has submitted the current high score (other than mine) for Retro Blaster. It stands at 99,734,135. Send me your scores as a PNG,/JPG/ BMP/GIF screen cap and I’ll post them too. I… Read More

Retro Blaster Update, Buffalo Love machine, Pixel War II

I have Have been busy fixing bugs and tweaking settings in retro Blaster. The most significant change I have made was suggested by my old pal, Ian Legler. He suggested that I add a user selectable setting to… Read More

Retro Blaster High Scores

I have finally had a chance to play my own game all the way through and beat IRATA without cheating. My top score is 973,441,870. I have also found that even though I have put optimization upon optimization… Read More

Retro Blaster RC1 is complete!

Retro Blaster  release candidate 1.0 is ready to play. All of my changes in the last few hours have had to do with speed and playability. The game still slows a little (a lot on some older machines) on… Read More

Retro Blaster Beta 1.0 is up!

Thanks to everyone who helped me beta test .90. It has taken me a full year to get to this point. When you work full time and have a wife and young son, it is very difficult to… Read More

Retro Blaster Beta Release!

Jeff sent me a beta release of Retro Blaster and I have posted it.   You can play it right now and start blasting everything in your path.  If only I would tell you what the link is…      … Read More

Wiicade Releases Wiimote/Flash API!

The fine people at wiicade have created an API for Flash that will allow programmers to test for ANY button press on the Wiimote!   The A,B,+,-,1,2, and the direction pad are all available, as well as the pointer from… Read More

The Asteroids Evolution to Retro Blaster

My first video game true love was Asteroids. I think the game must have satisfied some internal, mental need to keep things cleaned up. The Sisyphusian nature of this electronic task was enough to make me pour quarter… Read More

My First Breakout-Style Game

Creating Brickbasher (just added a few days ago, but programmed in 2004) was one of my first eye-opening experiences programming small garage games. I have been a fan of Breakout style games since the age of 8 (read… Read More

Balloon Pop!

So, if you have looked at our Work In Progress page you will notice that we have a lot of half-finished games and ideas that we plan to someday come back to.   To be honest, the list on… Read More

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