Nintendo Wii Flash Development

So we are just starting to experiment with Flash games designed specifically for the nintendo Wii.  I started this process on Dec. 24th, the day the Wii opera Browser was downloadable. That day I got the first version… Read More

A different approach to path finding.

I spent the last week working on jStar. After researching and working with a* for the last few days, I came to the conclusion that while very powerful, it was slow and overkill for my arcade-adventure, shoot the… Read More

Path finding…sucks!

Ok, so I can count all of my previous experience programming path finding algorithms on two fingers. The first was in high school when Steve and I had a very rudimentary computer class instead of typing. One of… Read More

Pixel Art, Game Design, Legos, and more

Even before we owned a computer or game console, Steve and I were designing games. All the way back in 1978 I was borrowing graph paper from my dad and designing pixel art of space ships, baseball games,… Read More

Garage Launched Games!

Garage Launched Games! If you haven’t read Steve’s first blog entry, you should take it in. It describes how we started making games (or at least how we started to want to make games), and gives you an… Read More

Retro Gone Berserk. Christmas is over time to start again.

Over that last few days working on the game has been a learning experience and an exercise in frustration. I finally found a halfway decent running animation to use as a template. It came from the 2600 version… Read More

Retro Gone Berserk Day Two – When you can't draw, you improvise

Today I had time to work on the very very basic Flash version of the demo game. I have decided to make it as close to Bersek as possible for this first tech demo.  I currently have a… Read More

Retro Gone Berserk Day One

I was able to squeeze in a little work on the new game between trips to various shopping centers for Christmas presents. One thing I wanted to research is how collision detection is done in these overhead perspective… Read More

I'm itching to start a new game.

With Retro Blaster nearly complete, I have decided to start on a new game. This one will be very simple. I plan to do a few simple games in the next few weeks to try out my bitmap… Read More

Retro Blaster is coming

Right now, Steve is putting the final touches on the technical design for our site. It won’t be spectacular looking, but that is because we want a pretty basic site.  While he is doing that, I am… Read More

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