Tongva Chief : Game Design Diary #1 : Gamasutra Blog

8bitsteve Here. I was invited earlier this year to create an expert blog on Gamasutra.  So far, I’ve mostly posted  “greatest hits” from the past few years of this site.  however, today I posted my first original blog… Read More

Atari Pong Developer Challenge: Challenge Met! How About you?

I worked all weekend on our submission for the Atari Pong Developer Challenge, and just submitted it a few minutes ago  Even though there were complaints  from some people about the terms and conditions for the contest, ultimately… Read More

Nolan Bushnell Speaks About The Atari PongDevChallenge (video)

By Jeff Fulton Atari’s PongDevChallenge is still moving along.  Atari sent us this press release yesterday, and it alludes to the video above. “The #PongDevChallenge is in full swing. With one month left to go for developers to… Read More

Emergent Game Play In Classic Games

A few weeks ago on one of the forums I frequent, a fellow retro game fan (Rimbo) talked about playing “Time Pilot:Pacifist”.  This was not a new game, but rather, a different way of playing an old game…. Read More

Goodbye Dad, Hello "Code Writer’s Block"

My dad died just about 5 months ago.  In that time, I have done lots of things.  I have written a ton of blog entries (some good, some okay, and many bad ones), I have changed jobs, read… Read More

Our Favorite Viral Videos About The Games And Web Business

Code Monkey Jonathan Coulton’s classic song about the life of a software developer.  One of the all-time best songs ever written.   Angry Video Game Nerd : Atari 5200 So this is not just a video, but a… Read More

Hotel Room Chrysalis

As 8bitjeff awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic code de-bugger. He was laying on his soft, as it were, free food fattened belly  and when he lifted his… Read More

Porting a DOS Game To Windows: A Development Story

I thought this story might be of interest to some of the visitors to our site. Steve and I spent a lot of time playing DOS games in the 90’s and also our share of time writing a… Read More

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