Silverlight Not Dead: Silverlight 5 On The Way

Last year while working at “Monolith” I had a short email argument with some upper management folks about the future of Silverlight.  They were all in a panic that “Microsoft was abandoning Silverlight” , and this was just… Read More

Chrome App Store Coming In December? Plus, Mozilla Has An App Store Too!

According to, the Google Chrome App Store is set to launch is early December.   As well, Mozilla has announced The Open Web App Ecosystem which reads essentially like their own version of Google Chrome App Web… Read More

Silverlight Apps For The Xbox Live Arcade? They May Come Soon.

Earlier this year we predicted that Microsoft would start to focus Silverlight on their own platforms as it loses ground to HTML5.  Well, this recent story on points to towards that predictions becoming a reality.   Tim… Read More

Does The Windows 7 Phone Open-Up Silverlight Games Development?

Microsoft recently released the beta of the Windows 7 development tools, and Silverlight is big part of that release.   Silverlight can used in conjunction with the XNA framework which gives Windows 7 Mobile apps access to Xbox Live,… Read More

What Happened To Silverlight Games? (Or, Why Flash Is Still The Platform Of Choice For Web Games)

As you may recall, we started this year experimenting with technologies beyond Flash. First, we started to review iPhone games because, well, my wife got an iPhone Touch and I wanted to start looking at the games and… Read More

Silverlight 3 Released And Ready For You To Make Some Awesome Games – Maybe

Microsoft has finally released their new version of Silverlight, Silverlight 3.  All the dev tools are now available here: . However, if you want to develop on a Mac, you  will need to use something like Eclipse4SL,… Read More

Silverarcade Goes Live: A Couple Of Our Games Featured

The guys over at SilverArcade have launched their portal dedicated to games made in Silverlight.  They are offering a $.50 eCPM, which is quite good. Since they have acceptsed a couple of our games, and since I think… Read More

Zamboozal Silverlight (2009)

A version of poker dice with more options…

Eclipse Tools For Silverlight – Mac : Hands On

I decided to try out the newly announced Elclipse Tools for Silverlight this morning to see if it was true that a real development environment for Silverlight Web apps now existed for Mac OSX. My journey started by… Read More

Silverlight Game Development Interweb Mash-Up March 24, 2009

Sorry it has been a while since I’ve posted any news about Silverlight. We’ve been busy finishing off our Flash games from the 4K Contest, and working on our new Video Podcast. First, the really big news is… Read More

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