Coding By Google – AS3 to PHP with Simple MYSQL DB Query and Data Return Tutorial (Free Code)

By Jeff Fulton (@8bitrocket on twitter) Coding By Google – AS3 to PHP with Simple MYSQL DB Query and Data Return Tutorial (Free Code) Here at Producto Studios, I use Google to look up code all day long…. Read More

HTML5 Canvas : Animating Gradients To Create A Retro Atari Style Color Cycle

We just finished our semi-final run into the Atari Pong Developer Contest last week, but I’m still feeling a little “retro”.   This weekend I decided to see if I could replicate an old-style Atari color-cycle in HTML5… Read More

Interesting notes on External Interface JavaScript Call-Backs To Flash

This week we had a big project due for a new Movie that is coming out in a few weeks time.         The majority of the site was built-in Flash but I needed to use… Read More

HTML5 Canvas Christmas Tree Drag And Drop Demo And Tutorial

Here is another demo from DevCon5.  Yesterday we showed you an action game, now we will show you something completely different.  A Drag And Drop style decoration application of the type we produced by the dozens ta Mattel… Read More

Road Test: Adobe "Wallaby" Flash->HTML5 Converter Preview Version

A couple days ago, Adobe released a preview version of  “Wallaby”, their Flash->HTML5 converter.  It’s been a badly kept secret for the past few months that Adobe was working on something like this, but with the release they… Read More

Quick Guide To wmode And Flash Embedding

When embedding Flash .SWFs in HTML, there are several choices you can make for the wmode parameter.  I’ve always been a bit confused about which was which, so I set out to today to pull together as much… Read More

Game Programming Tool Kit: A Binary Search in AS3

Every game programmer needs a basic set of tools to use in building his/her games. In this series we will cover everything from basic computer science algorithms and simple design patterns to more complex artificial intelligence implementations. If… Read More

Shorter, More Game Focused Tutorials Targeting More Technologies Are Coming

OK, now that our HTML5 Canvas book is in production, we are planning a return to game tutorials that have been so popular here.  However, in 2011, people want more than just AS3 tutorials.  Keeping look back at… Read More

Tutorial: Turn Your Flash Game Into A Google Chrome Web App (beta)

While the Google Chrome App Store will not be available until October 2010, you can still package-up your apps and test them as Chrome Web Apps.   Google has some extensive documentation on the subject, but we are going… Read More

HTML5 Canvas Resize On The Fly, In An HTML Page

I’ve been playing around a lot with the HTML5 Canvas lately, and I discovered some very interesting things that about the size of Canvas as displayed on an HTML page. The best way to show these is to… Read More

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