Torrents are killing the technical book industry.

Torrents are killing the technical book industry and making it really difficult for me to provide a decent holiday season for my family.  I know times are tough all over, but the number of stolen copies of our three books compared to the numbers sold is almost 1000 to 1.

A simple web search will find both The Essential Guide to Flash Games and The HTML5 Canvas First and Second Editions (as well all every other technical book released in the last 20 years)  in 100's of Torrent files.

That's awesome for anyone who wants to learn these languages for free, but REALLY sucks for the authors(and publishers). Let me give you a brief lesson in the economics in being an author of a second edition of a book.

You get no advance payment and you need to write at least 50% new content, while revising EVERY page of the first edition.  You release the book and hope that sales will pay for the 500-1000 hours or so hours it took to write, re-write, and test this content on multiple platforms.  After that, you get royalties on the 10% of all sales. It is as simple as that.  But, when no one is buying your book because they can get it for free, those 1000 hours turn into no money for the authors or the relatively tiny book publishers  that you are trying (or not trying)  the "screw" by obtaining and using intellectual property for free.

We have a great book company, O'Reilly, that should NOT be screwed out of anything.  We also have no incentive to write any more books if we are not going to make a dime by writing them.

So, here is my proposal. If you have Torrented ANY of our books - The Essential Guide To Flash Games, The HTML5 Canvas or the HTML5 Canvas 2nd Edition, and have found them useful, we ask that you donate to the cause of helping give us incentive write a 3rd edition. It won't happen with the current royalty stream. In less than a year, royalties have dried up beyond belief.

You can donate via PayPal by sending $2.00 (10% of the discounted $20,00 e-book price) or any amount you want to info[at]8bitrocket.com Paypal address.

No questions asked. We appreciate your honesty. Also, we understand that some people truly cannot afford books. That's OK.  For those who can afford to donate and are using our hard work, please give donating some serious thought.


Jeff Fulton


Monday Monday Monday (Cyber that is). – Save 50% on ALL O’Reilly Ebooks & Videos

By Jeff Fulton

Monday Monday Monday (Cyber that is). - Save 50% on ALL O'Reilly Ebooks & Videos

Today only, all O'Reilly E-Books and Videos are 50% off.  This includes our HTML5 Canvas 2nd Edition.

HTML5 Canvas 2nd Edition

HTML5 Canvas 2nd Edition



HTML5 Canvas (2nd Edition) Is Out, Goes Chinese!

Our new edition of HTML5 Canvas is out, and it's getting some good reviews.  We poured a lot of effort into this one to make sure it was updated for 2013.   We just heard from O'Reilly that they there will be a Chinese translation of this one too (there were both Korean and Chinese translation of the last book too).  The English version is on sale here: http://www.amazon.com/HTML5-Canvas-Steve-Fulton/dp/1449334989/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1376404060&sr=8-1&keywords=html5+canvas



HTML5 Canvas Book Example Files

HTML5 Canvas Book Example Files

Just in case these are not just available yet on the O'Reilly Site




In Celebration of Day Against DRM (Fri, May 3, 2013) 5000+ titles 1/2 off including HTML5 Canvas 2nd Edition

HTML5 Canvas 2nd Edition

HTML5 Canvas 2nd Edition

              In Celebration of *Day *Against DRM

Save 50% on 5000+ Ebooks & Videos

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This includes the latest edition of our book, the just released HTML5 Canvas 2nd Edition.


Ebooks from oreilly.com are DRM-free. You get free lifetime access, multiple file formats, free updates.

Use discount code: DRM2013 - Deal expires May 3, 2012 at

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The HTML5 Canvas Second Edition Has Been Released (Deal of the Day, 50% off)

HTML5 Canvas 2nd Edition

HTML5 Canvas 2nd Edition


The Second Edition (so the 3rd book) I have written with my brother Steve, The HTML5 Canvas was released today by O'Reilly. If you are interested in this wildly popular subject (for tech heads), you can get the E-Book edition for 1/2 off by using the code DEAL on the Publisher Web Site (It's the DEAL of the day).


This edition has added and changed over 50% of the original First edition. We have added A LOT of game related topics (as we do in everything we create). These include pixel perfect collision detection, Box2D Physics, A* Path Finding, targeting mobile browsers with full screen scalable content, and much much more. Every chapter has been re-written with additional content added and less popular or redundant content removed.

There are print editions available also at all major book retailers.


HTML5 Canvas + Web Cam + Chrome = HTML5 Video Puzzle Of You! (Demo)

We are finishing up an update to our HTML5 Canvas book, and I wanted to share one of new examples.   This one takes the Video Puzzle app from the first edition of the book, and adds web cam support.  It only works in Chrome right now.   You also need a working web cam.  Also, you might have to start the web cam before the browser will see it.   To play the "game", click the pieces to swap their positions.  Make yourself whole again!

Check it out by clicking the image below:








Don’t be afraid of Windows 8 Desktop

This (Windows 8 has problems, but it doesn’t deserve the dreaded Vista comparison)says that Windows 8 is only good for touch screens.

Windows 8 Desktop

Windows 8 Desktop


He is wrong. Windows 8 is just Windows 7 with new "window" dressing and a few new good features. The backup and app search are 10X better than Windows 7 [Start] menu or (especially) OS X Finder.

Windows 8 Search

Windows 8 Search

If you need to old Win 7 desktop, just click on the giant DESKTOP button.

Windows 8 Desktop

Windows 8 Desktop


You will be right back to familiar territory. There is nothing to fear from Windows 8, except time wasted playing with the new free (or low cost) games and apps from the Windows 8 store.



They are easy to build also, as the HTML5 Canvas (we tested all of our book's apps with in) can easily be compiled into Windows Store Apps. This gives you the ability to port all of the older Flash, Android, or iOS games that you want to port to a new platform.


Friday was a Tough Day for a Deadline, but HTML5 Canvas 2nd Edition Is Nearly Complete

By Jeff Fulton (8bitjeff)

Tough Day for a Deadline, but HTML5 Canvas 2nd Edition Is Nearly Complete

There will be no Atari video game retrospectives this weekend on 8bitrocket. Far too many little ones will not get to experience their own version of the same thing, never have a chance to write about it some day, and never have the joy of spending another holiday season with their families. Our hearts are broken here at 8bitrocket towers. For a site dedicated to things we loved as children and exploring how to re-visit and re-create those memories in many different ways, we just can't celebrate anything like that right now. What we have is work though, and as anyone who is trying to make it without any corporate backing knows, work MUST go on, no matter what happens, or food doesn't make it on the table, health insurance premiums are not paid for, car loans and housing payments go un-paid and life just kind of stops and spins like a proverbial hamster on a habitrail.

First, here is a list of the first names of all the brave little ones and their hero protectors that didn't make it out safely.
I can't fathom the evil that would do such a thing:


So, with a heavy heart and tears welling up, I crashed through some technical barriers I was experiencing and finally completed chapter 9 of the Second Edition of our HTML5 Canvas book for O'Reilly.

All of the chapters have been updated, revised, and re-written to add new content and replace out-dated or incomplete ideas that simply were not possible on the Canvas when we started on this project 2 and 1/2 years ago. My major focus has been adding in more game development content to the various chapters (especially the two game specific chapters) to have a more complete reference guide for the budding and experienced HTML5 Canvas game developers. Not that the first edition was limited in scope at all, but there was no time or space to cover some subjects that we really wanted to cover, and some that were impossible until this point. I have been working on chapters 8 and 9 (Game Essentials 1 and 2) for the last few months, shoring them up to provide a much better set of tools for myself and anyone who buys the new edition. Steve has been working on updating the physics, sounds, video, text chapters and adding anything new he finds that might be useful across the the entire book.

It has not been easy, especially since the deadline was Friday (a tragic day to even think about work), but I was finally able to get a revised 2nd edition of chapter 9 (Game Essentials Part 2)  complete and to the publisher for a first look. The two game chapters (8, and 9) and the image chapter (4) have been re-written to add in things that I wanted in the first edition but just didn't have time to fit in: Pixel-based collision detection, A* Pathfinding, Fine and Coarse tile-based world scrolling, and more. I know Steve has been busy adding in Box 2D content and other goodies to his chapters. There is just one chapter left to do for me, number 10. It deals with using Phone-Gap to create a HTML5 based iOS native application, and we are adding in the concept porting a browser game to a touch interface. The first part needs to be re-written 100% as everything about PhoneGap, xCode and the iOS portal has been completely re-vamped since the first edition. Also, more and more people are publishing games on the internet to target mobile browsers and we wanted to add in some "secret sauce" that we have uncovered to make this a little easier of a transition for the developer.

Here are some images from the various chapters that I have written to help give you an idea of what game subjects I have been covering and how they will be presented in the new edition (Tentative publish date March 2013).

Pixel Based Collisions

Pixel Based Collisions

AStar on the Canvas

AStar on the Canvas

Fine Scrolling

Fine Scrolling


I am starting on chapter 10 today, so hopefully the entire first draft will be complete by the middle of the week and then it is on to technical reviewer revisions and Chicago Book of Style red lines to fix.


We are looking for Paid Technical Reviewers for the 2nd Edition of The HTML5 Canvas book on O’Reilly

By Jeff D. Fulton (8bitjeff)

We are looking for Paid Technical Reviewers for the 2nd Edition of The HTML5 Canvas book on O'Reilly press.

We have added about 150 new pages that need to be reviewed by 2-3 people with knowledge of Javascript and or the HTML5 Canvas. We'll offer you cash and name credit in the book for your efforts.

If you are interested, please contact me at jeff[at]8bitrocket.com (obviously replace the "[at]" with an "@".

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