Chris Crawford’s Famous Dragon Speech and Interview From 2008

Chris Crawford recently highlighted a “cleaned-up” version of his famous, game industry-defining “Dragon Speech” from GDC 1992.  In this speech, Chris Crawford explained his dream of of true “interactivity” and how the game industry and he had parted-ways…. Read More

Interview With Ralph Baer, Inventor Of Home Video Games (R.I.P.)

Note: Dec.  7. 2014:  R.I.P. Ralph Baer, the inventor of video games.  This interview was conducted in 2005 for For more information on Ralph Baer, see his web site. Steve Fulton When did you get the idea… Read More Interviews Johnny Wilson Former Editor Of Computer Gaming World

By Steve Fulton (Note: A Portion of this interview ran on December, 2011) Johnny L. Wilson was the editor of Computer Gaming World magazine for about 10 years, and in that time he saw computers games rise to become the… Read More

My Interview With Johnny Wilson (CGW) Live on

A few months back I got the urge to catch-up with Johnny Wilson, the long-time editor of Computer Gaming World.  I do this from time-to-time.  I get nostalgic about old games or magazines, and then attempt to look-up… Read More

Flash Is Dead? Games Volume Grows And Multi-player Pays Off: An Interview With Mochi Media

Recently we caught-up with Alexander Shen from Mochi Media to ask him about the state of Mochi and viral Flash Games.  His responses are truly enlightening.  Far from Flash being dead and buried, it appears that both the… Read More

Retro Gaming Round Up Atari Edition Podcast with Ted Dabney Interview

Listen To The Podcast Being self avowed Atari Nerds for more than 33 years now, Steve and I are always game to hear information on the controversial start-up, on-going business, and eventual crash of the original video game giant. In… Read More

SPIL Games Thinks HTML5 Will Overtake Flash by 2012: An Interview

“SPIL GAMES expect that by the end of 2012 at least 50% of all new games to be HTML5.“ -Scott Johnson, SPIL Games SPIL runs some of the biggest game portals on the planet (e.g.  As far… Read More

Atari 7800 Expansion Module + An Interview With Kurt Vendel

Yesterday, Legacy Engineering announced a pre-order for their newest product, The Atari 7800 Expansion Module.  Pre-orders receive a  10% discount (for a limited time).  The Atari 7800 Expansion Module includes: Built in High Score keeping capability (compatible with… Read More

An Interview With Electrotank’s Jobe Makar

Jobe Makar is is one of the people who inspired the most in the past 10 years.  From his multiple Flash game books, to his 100’s of games,  Jobe has reached a level of success matched only… Read More

8bitsteve Interviews Steven Levy, Author Of The Classic Computer Industry Book: “Hackers”

Steven Levy is one of my heroes.  He’s genius author who has the rare ability of making technology subject not only palatable, but down-right fascinating.   He has written tons of great books, and written for magazines such as… Read More

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