Ace’s (The Super Villain) InterWeb Mash-up Special Edition #2

ASV Interwebs, Go! (I’m already starting to see why you stopped doing this every week) Abobo – – A gargantuan NES tribute parody with classic NewGroundsian sarcasm, hyperbole and violence. Abobo is supposedly an NES character who… Read More

Ace’s (The Super Villain) InterWeb Mash-up Special Edition

I have been meaning to start these up again and cover the world of games, retro, etc, but time has not been on my side. Ace SV is filling the gap though and sent this over today. Dragon… Read More

8bitrocket Interweb Mash-Up For September 3, 2011

Iain Lobb On The Flash Community So we missed this a month ago, but Iain Lobb posted a really great piece named The Flash Community Needs a Complete Reboot about a month ago.  It’s still worth reading.  … Read More

Daily Interweb Mash-up: 5/24/2011: Canvas Game Tutorials, iPad Naval Gazers, Apple Heroics

New HTML5 Canvas Game Tutorials Coming Jeff and I have each been working on an HTML5 Canvas game to talk about here.  Mine is called “Brickbasher Infinity” (a progressive Breakout game), and Jeff’s is “Bug Off!” (a Centipede… Read More Daily Interweb Mash-Up: Monday May 16, 2011

Death Of Unicorn Death Is Pixelated Awesome Play the Mochi Game of the week, Death Of Unicorn Death.  It’s an awesome bit  of pixelated madness.  It also has some juicy 8-bit in all the right places! Angry Video… Read More

The 8bitrocket Daily Inter-Web Mash-Up – May 12, 2011

Atari releases  the first update to Star Raiders in almost 20 years. The original Star Raiders was one of the best 8-bit computers games of the golden-age and the main reason that over a Million Atari 400 and… Read More Interweb Mash-Up: Tuesday May 10, 2011

What is Obama’s favorite game system? Why did Jeff hate the Fringe Finale, where can you buy our new book, and much more. Our O’Reilly HTML5 Canvas Book Has Arrived Clocking in at at hefty 652 pages, our thinly… Read More

8bitrocket Daily Interweb Mash-up : Saturday May 7, 2011

Atari 810 MicroSD Drive! This is amazing!! A MicroSD card reader in the shape of an Atari 810 disk drive that can be mounted and used by an Atari 8-bit computer (400,800,1200xl,600xl,800xl,65xe,130xe).  We want to buy this NOW!!!… Read More

8bitrocket Daily Inter-Web Mash-Up – Friday, May 6, 2011

Flash Games We Like – Wing Defender – Fun top-down shooter with cartoon-style graphics and a retro feel to the game-play. –Go Go Gummo – This Mochi FGF winner is a really cool puzzle game with elements of… Read More

8bitrocket Daily Inter-Web Mash-Up for Thursday, May 5, 2011

Attack Of The Mutant Sheep! Robert Podgorski, the winner of our 16K Game contest has released a new iPhone/Ipad game named “Attack Of The Mutant Sheep”.  It’s very 8-bit, and very awesome. You can download iPhone version (it’s… Read More

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