GameStorm! Podcast #13: Site update and GameStorm Classic Revival!

This week we clear out our backlog of podcasts with GameStorm #13.  (We say #14 in the podcast but that is because we recorded the Atari Nerd Podcast #1 before this one) This podcast includes a discussion about… Read More

GameStorm! Podcast #12: Flex, Holiday Game Wrap-Up, Game Endings, etc.

In this week’s GameStorm! podcast we talk about a Flex, Holiday Game Wrap-Up, Game Endings, and more.   Have fun. You can download the podcast here:

GameStorm! Podcast #11: Atari Week +Jack’s Beach Blitz

In this week’s GameStorm!  Podcast we again shed the original concept (Game Design Brainstorming) to discuss our 6 part feature from last week Project:Save Atari plus we discuss our new game “Jack’s Beach Blitz”and a few other topics…. Read More

8bitrocket GameStorm! Podcast #10: Setting Relations Back 50 Years

Here is this week’s podcast.  This week we return to our “roots” with some actual “GameStorm action over several bizarre and interesting ideas generated from our GameStorm! Idea Generator.   We also cover the news, and generally have a… Read More

GameStorm! Podcast #8: Halloween GameStorm!

Sorry this podcast was a few days late.  This weekend was filled with so much family(kid’s birthday, soccer games)  and personal stuff (high school reunion), it was difficult to get this one edited and out the door …. Read More

8bitrocket GameStorm! Podcast #7: Special Wide-Load Double Episode : Our Favorite Games

Today we present the first Special Wide-load Double Episode!   This does not mean that that it is double the quality or double the goodness, it’s just really double the length.   In this episode we “shake it up”… Read More

8bitrocket GameStorm! Podcast #6 Bushwhacker! , More on I.P. Issues

OK, here is Podcast #6. This week we have a thrilling brainstorm discussion about game that ends up being named “Bushwhacker!” (but not for obvious reasons). We also cover some intellectual property issues and how they might affect… Read More

8bitrocket GameStorm! Podcast #5: A Real Project , Some AS2 -> AS3

OK, here is GameStorm!  Podcast #5.  In this episode we discuss a recent game design project and how we might have tackled it for a retro inspired game.  Also, we start our on-going conversation about developing games in… Read More

8bitrocket GameStorm! Podcast #4: Top-10 Predictions Plus More…

OK, here is Podcast #4.  This time we discuss two thrilling game ideas, and then we get into our Top-10 Predictions For The Midcore/Casual/Retro Game Industry. Also, this podcast marks the first time we bumper the podcast with… Read More

8bitrocket GameStorm! Podcast #3: Family Edition

OK, here is Podcast #3. We are still tinkering with the format, so this one is a bit different from the previous two. Jeff and I were on a vacation this week, so this one was done with… Read More

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