S1:E0: Into The Vertical Blank Podcast: Newbie

8bitrocket’s Into The Vertical Blank, Growing Up Atari  Ep: 0 This is the test episode of the Into The Vertical Blank, Growing Up Atari. In it, 8bit Jeff (Jeff Fulton from 8bitrocket.com) tries out and reviews 5 Atari… Read More

Father’s Day Story – A Moment Near Aspen Grove

Note: This story was recorded for “Never Let The fires Die: The Alarm Podcast”, and is available Listen in iTunes or Google Play The full story in written form is below: A Moment Near Aspen Grove We were on… Read More

Never Let The Fires Die: The Alarm Podcast : Episode #4

Note: Jeff and I produce and host a podcast for the 80’s band The Alarm.    The Alarm are still going in 21st century, making new music, and inspiring their fans.   We’ve been spending much of our… Read More

Never Let The Fire Die (podcast episode #2)

Jeff and I host the official podcast for the band The Alarm.   They had a bunch of alternative hits in the 80’s  (The Stand, 68 Guns, Strength, Spirit Of ’76. Rain The Summertime, Rescue Me, Sold Me… Read More

Never Let The Fire Die (podcast #1)

In this inaugural episode of “Never Let The Fires Die” The Official Podcast For The Alarm, we start at “the end”.  We discuss the last officially released song credited to “The Alarm.”  Then we delve back to try… Read More

8bitrocket.com Podcast : Jack Tramiel And Atari

by Jeff Fulton Finally, a new podcast!   Today we tackle Jack Tramiel and The Atari ST. Listen Here.  

Top 10 "Other" Ways To Punish A Laptop Computer (Besides Shooting It 8 Times) (Video)

By Steve Fulton A few weeks ago we saw a video of a guy punishing a Windows laptop by shooting it with 8 hallow point bullets. Now while we are all for punishing Windows laptops (they certainly punish… Read More

8bitrocket.com Video Podcast Returns!!

The 8bitrocket.com Video Podcast Returns!!  We cover the new 8bitrocket.com, The Game Ray Quest, the Flash version of The Great Giana Sisters, the Flash game Chain the pixel, plus the retro music stylings of The Icarus Kid!

Hey You Kids, Off My Lawn #2: More Fun With Possible Flash Game I.P. Issues

We’re not saying these games have barrowed other people’s intellectual property, we are just saying it’s possible. No matter what, we have fun looking at them anyway.

Game Storm Video Podcast #1

Game Storm Video Podcast #1 Bonus Content: Steve’s daughter’s stop motion video for her 6th grade earthquake project:

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