8bitrocket Game Review-Cast : Nov 20, 2009. Flash Game License and Mochi Reviews

8bitrocket Game Review-Cast : Nov 20, 2009. Flash Game License and Mochi Reviews Flash Game License Games: You must have the right access to see these: Going the Distance 2 Droids 2 Tin Can Knight Blasting Agent  Mochi… Read More

8bitrocket Flash Game Distribution Game Review Podcast 11/11/2009

In This podcast we review 8 games. We also learn how to use Chroma Key! (but we need to use it for something better). Also we have some more techincal problems (lighting?!?!?) but the games are pretty good… Read More

8bitrocket Mochi Game Review Video Pocast: 11/06/09

  8bitrocket Mochi Game Review Pocast: 11/06/09 We review about 8 games, and Steve touches his hair far too often, as we both never look into the camera because we are looking at a laptop to see the… Read More

Mochi Game Video Reviewcast #1!!

Reviewcast! We review a bunch of the latest Mochi games and you get to see them in action! (kind of) OK, we tried hard to make this work, but I’m not so sure it is the right way… Read More

Skript Kitty Episode #1: Skript Kitty vs. Intellectual Property

OK, so here is our first attempt at a “cartoon”.  This idea came about when my 13 year-old cat entered the frame of our first video podcast.  Jeff and I got the idea that maybe she was listening… Read More

8bitrocket GameStorm Video Podcast #2: Goofus and Goofus

8bitrocket.com GameStorm Video Podcast #2 This week we tackle “disturbing clauses in terms and conditions” of viral game sites, especially the term “derivative works”. We also have some news, a GameStorming session, a special preview of our all-new… Read More

8bitrocket GameStorm Video Podcast #1: See Us In In-Action

Our First video podcast. We talk about the 4K Game Contest, Microsoft Silverlight, Mochi, Google App engine…and more…

GameStorm! Podcast #13: Site update and GameStorm Classic Revival!

This week we clear out our backlog of podcasts with GameStorm #13.  (We say #14 in the podcast but that is because we recorded the Atari Nerd Podcast #1 before this one) This podcast includes a discussion about… Read More

GameStorm! Podcast #12: Flex, Holiday Game Wrap-Up, Game Endings, etc.

In this week’s GameStorm! podcast we talk about a Flex, Holiday Game Wrap-Up, Game Endings, and more.   Have fun. You can download the podcast here: http://www.8bitrocket.com/podcasts/gamestorm12.mp3

GameStorm! Podcast #11: Atari Week +Jack’s Beach Blitz

In this week’s GameStorm!  Podcast we again shed the original concept (Game Design Brainstorming) to discuss our 6 part feature from last week Project:Save Atari plus we discuss our new game “Jack’s Beach Blitz”and a few other topics…. Read More

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