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Atari 7800 In An Alternate Universe : Games I Would Have Loved To Play

In an alternate universe, Atari released the 7800 in 1984 In an alternate universe, Warner Brothers did not sell the Atari consumer division in 1984, but stuck with it. In an alternate universe Atari battled with Nintendo throughout… Read More

Amazing Atari Research Images From 1982 That Predicted The Future

By Steve Fulton In 1982, during the halcyon days of the original Atari, Bob Stein worked with pioneering computer scientist Alan Kaye in the Atari Advanced Research Labs.    One of their projects was to imagine the future… Read More

R.I.P. Gary Garcia of "Pac Man Fever" Fame : Now It’s time For Hollywood To Make A Movie About "Pac Man Fever"

By Jeff Fulton “To create a song that has mass appeal is among the most difficult things you’ll ever do.” –Jerry Buckner   According to Gamasutra, Gary Garcia, 1/2 of Buckner and Garcia died yesterday.   Back in… Read More

What Can Be Made In 16K? Atari 5200 16K ROM Games

Here is some 16K inspirations for you.  The following are videos of some Atari 5200 games made in 16K or less.  The ROMs for these games fit on a 16K cart.  the games used the plethora of hardware… Read More

AtariMania.com has full PDF editions of all Atari User Magazines

The awesome, though seemingly under-appreciated site, Atari Mania, has hand-scanned (a lot of f***ing work I might add)  versions of the entire 43 issue series of the UK-based Atari User magazine. This is of special interest to USA-Based Atari 8-bit… Read More

Commodore To Make PC in Classic Commodore Case: Pong Ball's In Your Court, Atari

It turns out, a company has bought the “Commdore” name and is planning to create a PC housed in a Commdore 64 case. that’s awesome. However, personally can’t buy one as it is simply against my Atari sensibilities to do so. However, if Atari would do the same thing, with the Atari 800 (too large actually), 65XE (too small) or the 800 XL (just right), I’d buy it in a second.

So how about it Atari?

Full press release below:

Companies ink deal to produce new line of All-In-One keyboard computers.

Atari Nerd Interweb Mash-up

Here are some of the more interesting Atari related retro gaming related tidbits I found while trolling across the infobaun. The Classis Game Room HD Reviews Atari 2600 Video Olympics – The only way to play pong on… Read More

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