Ode To An Unreleased Game: Atari 5200 Asteroids

Ode To An Unreleased Game: Atari 5200 Asteroids Prototype lifestyleSitting on a shelf somewhereWaiting to have life They programmed me toLaunch the 5200Into hearts and minds My graphics are greatAs if you were in the arcadeBut with no… Read More

Atari Nerd Chronicles: Trek To The Asteroids Zone

By 1980, the Fulton household was wearing at the seams.  Almost over-night, our little happy family imploded.   First our aunt and cousin were killed by a drunk driver in car accident.  Then our grandfather contracted lung cancer from smoking a… Read More

Atari Haiku: Asteroids 2600

Asteroids 2600 Looking for computersI see you under the glassEvil Asteroids Your brown box taunts meSixty-Six variationsWell worth the money Asteroids float upNothing like the arcade gameAsteroids float down A wave of nauseaThigh stings from the pain of… Read More

Atari Haiku: Baptism By Pixel

Baptism By Pixel   The back of the store 1977 Right of the housewares   Next to the fire door Heavy Sixer with Combat! Two wide-eyed kids   Thumbs on the buttons CX-40s in our palms Hands and… Read More

Haiku: Breakout 2600

Breakout 2600   Hypnotic death notes Each block wails an 8-bit tone Blinks out then silence   Burrow A Hole Through Your color-banded shield Watch ball go ape-crap   Difficulty B Paddle too tiny. Back to Difficulty A… Read More

Atari Nerd Chronicles: First Communion

Atari Nerd Chronicles: First Communion In the fall of 1977 my mother surprised my 7-year old twin brother and I with some information that we had never bothered to learn beforehand: she told us we were Catholic. This… Read More

Atari Nerd Chronicles:: Garage Games – Literally

Atari Nerd Chronicles: Garage Games – Literally   As long as I can remember, Jeff and I have wanted to make games. I’m not exactly sure where to start this story, so for lack of a better place,… Read More

Atari Nerd Chronicles #1: The Beginning

While Jeff is starting this blog by instantly working on a new game, I want to take a look back before going forward. There are tons of old games we have worked on, plus many work-in-progress projects, stories… Read More

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