Fultonbot’s Atari VCS Quest: “I Never Got Into Atari, but…”

“I never got into Atari” I’ve heard this phrase so many times from the owners of used and retro video game stores, and fellow retrogamers,   that I’ve now come to expect it.  When I enter a game… Read More

Fultonbot Atari VCS Quest: Memories Of The Proper Vintage

Not too long ago  I had a sudden realization. I don’t just need the games I had with my Atari VCS from 1981-1984. I need the console too. I’ve written about my brother and my quest for VCS… Read More

Fultonbot’s Atari VCS Quest: Transmissions From AtariSpot

Soon after I made my first post about my VCS Quest, I got a tweet from another Atari fan named AtariSpot.   He noticed my list and wanted to know if I would like to see his list… Read More

Pac-Man, Electronic Games Magazine, And The Exact Moment Atari Lost The Video Game War

Note: As I discover the 120 or so games on my list of “lost” VCS games from the 80’s, I will spend some time discussing the ones that, in one way or another,  mean something significant to me…. Read More

Fultonbot’s 1983 Atari VCS Quest: The Absent Minded Collector

The “pile of stuff” in the photo to the left is a collection of 36 years worth of “absent-minded” Atari 2600/7800 collecting.   I say “Absent Minded”  as I was never really serious about  collecting games.  My feelings… Read More

Fultonbot’s 1983 Atari VCS Quest: The Checklist

Here is my quest. This has been bubbling under my skin for 34 years now, and this morning, while walking the dog, I finally understood what I must do. In the summer of 1983, my brother Jeff and… Read More

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