Atari In the Wild No. 2: 2600, 5200, 400/800/XL/XE Carts

This is the second installment of “In The Wild”.  In this series, I do first impression reviews of games I have added to my collection of carts for old Atari Systems. In the Wild refers to me having… Read More


The the Wild #1 – Retro 2600 Finds 2/20/17

The the Wild #1 – Retro 2600 Finds 2/20/17 This is a new feature we will be doing here on, In The Wild, where we describe retro gaming finds in the wild (at a store, flea market,… Read More

Old Crap From My Attic: Atari and Sega Extravaganza!

Old Crap From My Attic: Atari and Sega Extravaganza: Atari 400/400/xl/xe, Atari Lynx, Sega Game Gear storage space win! Well, not exactly from my attic, but from my garage this time, and not exactly from there, but from my… Read More

Atari Bonanza – Old Stuff From My Attic. 2600 5200 7800 800 XL XE Jaguar ST

Atari Bonanza – Old Stuff From My Attic. 2600, 5200, 7800, 800 XL XE, Jaguar, ST I decided to do an entire Atari excavation today.  I went through every box of Atari games and hardware (I might have… Read More

Vectrex Regeneration + iCade: Proof That “Retro” Gaming Is Alive And Well In The Mobile Era

I believe technology has reached the point where “retro” game collections can move beyond mere curious nostalgia, and truly return players to a specific time and place in their past.   I recently experienced something akin to this… Read More

Atari Nerd: Lynx Garage Excavation

Inspired by Jeff’s Atari excavation a couple weeks ago, I went into the garage this weekend trying to find the Atari Lynx we bought back when it was released in the USA in 1989.    Far back in the garage, I found a plastic box with the word “Handheld” scribbled on it.


Inside, there was a Lynx and a Game Gear!


The Game Gear I bought for my wife and I to play on our Honeymoon in 1995 (romantic, eh?  I still have a lot to learn).   Here are the games  had for it.

Columns must have been inside the Game Gear, as it is missing from this photo and it was the best game.  That game was the reason I bought this for my wife for our honeymoon in the first place. The Star Wars game was fun too, but I got stuck with Luke on Tatooine and never got past it.

Below  is the original Lynx box from 1989.  I recall that the box was never sealed.  We bought the last one from Software Etc.   This must have been from the same policy that continues to this day at GameStop where they will sell you an open game or system as new.  Boo to you GameStop, boo to you!

The Literal DOS Box – Classic DOS game gold vein

I have been going through old boxes of retro gaming gear over the last few weeks and today I came across a set of 3 1/2 inch floppy disks that I knew existed, but was had been unable… Read More

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