S2:E8 The Exact Moment Nintendo Won the Video Game War

The Exact Moment Nintendo Won The Video game War (A Short, Left Handed Episode) In this short summer bonus episode, Steve explores what he thinks is the exact moment Nintendo beat everyone and and won the video game… Read More

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S2: E5 Electronic Games Magazine

In this episode of Into The Vertical Blank: Generation Atari, Steve and Jeff celebrate the magazine that started it all. The first publication in the USA that was strictly devoted to video and electronic games, Electronic Games Magazine…. Read More

The Top-10 (or so) Worst Real-Life Products For Video Gamers (circa 1982) Part 2: Your Future Career In Video Games

By Steve Fulton Last week I posted a story named The Worst Real-Life Products For Video Gamers (circa 1982-1983) .  However, that was not the end of the story.  You see, you survived that Halloween in your Asteroids costume,… Read More

The Dead Lexicon Of Classic Video Games (Ver. 1.1)

by fultonbot-Version 1.1 At the beginning of of the video game era, gaming nomenclature was yet to be coined.   This is our first look into the fascinating world of  “The Dead Lexicon Of Classic Video Games. The… Read More

Worst Products And Services For Classic Gamers (circa 1982-1984): Final Roundup Of Even More Useless Products

In the past two article (part 1 and part 2 ), I have tried to tell stories with insight into just how useless some of these products, services and offers were back in the day.  However, there are a… Read More

Katz/Kunkel/Worley : The History Of Video Games From Holy Trinity Of Game Journalism

Bill Kunkel, Arnie, Katz and Joyce Worley were the pioneers of game journalism.   Here, in chronological order, are links to a good portion the writing they created in the golden age (and beyond) of video games. 1970-1980:… Read More

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