Atari Haiku: Asteroids 2600

Asteroids 2600 Looking for computersI see you under the glassEvil Asteroids Your brown box taunts meSixty-Six variationsWell worth the money Asteroids float upNothing like the arcade gameAsteroids float down A wave of nauseaThigh stings from the pain of… Read More

Atari Haiku: Baptism By Pixel

Baptism By Pixel   The back of the store 1977 Right of the housewares   Next to the fire door Heavy Sixer with Combat! Two wide-eyed kids   Thumbs on the buttons CX-40s in our palms Hands and… Read More

Haiku: Breakout 2600

Breakout 2600   Hypnotic death notes Each block wails an 8-bit tone Blinks out then silence   Burrow A Hole Through Your color-banded shield Watch ball go ape-crap   Difficulty B Paddle too tiny. Back to Difficulty A… Read More

Atari Nerd Chronicles: First Communion

Atari Nerd Chronicles: First Communion In the fall of 1977 my mother surprised my 7-year old twin brother and I with some information that we had never bothered to learn beforehand: she told us we were Catholic. This… Read More

Atari Nerd Chronicles:: Garage Games – Literally

Atari Nerd Chronicles: Garage Games – Literally   As long as I can remember, Jeff and I have wanted to make games. I’m not exactly sure where to start this story, so for lack of a better place,… Read More

Atari Nerd Chronicles #1: The Beginning

While Jeff is starting this blog by instantly working on a new game, I want to take a look back before going forward. There are tons of old games we have worked on, plus many work-in-progress projects, stories… Read More

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