S2:E4: The Top-10 Worst Real-Life Products For Classic Video Gamers

What were some of hidden factors that led to the fall of Atari and the  golden age of classic video game consoles?  Did the world at large really understand video games at all?  In this episode we set… Read More

What Video Game Journalists In 2014 Could Learn From Electronic Games Magazine in 1983: Standards

Note: In the light of some more recent events in the gaming world, this seems even more relevant today than when I posted it in 2011. So here it goes again. I was looking through my old copies… Read More

By Jeff Fulton With traditional game related magazines falling by the way-side every day, why would Retrogamer magazine still be going so strong after 100 issues? Somewhere around the middle of 2004, I was browsing the magazine shelf… Read More

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