“Perfect!” : Book Review: Galaga By Michael Kimball

Perfect ! A Minimalist Coming Of Age Story By Way Of The Best Golden Age Single Screen Shooter I recently finished “Galaga” by Michael Kimball, book #4 in the “Boos Fight Books” series, and I’m still kind of… Read More

Book Review: The Impossible Fortress by Jason Rekulak

When the marketing team at Simon and Schuster were calculating the target demographic for Jason Rekulak’s first novel, The Impossible Fortress, I’m sure they didn’t segment it directly to  “romantic-at-heart mid-to-late 40’s  computer nerds who are impossibly stuck… Read More

Classic Games And CGE at E3 2004 (R.I.P. Keith Robinson)

Note: This is a lost story from before 8bitrocket.com existed.   It was published June 1st, 2004 on Andrew Bub’s Gamerdad.com as E3 Embraces The Classics.   This was the first time I met Keith Robinson, one of… Read More

The King Of Kong: The Sociological Inner-Workings Of The Nerdcore

There is a line near the end of the extraordinary documentary The King Of Kong that carries the weight of the entire film. It was spoken by a tween-age girl, but in the context of the film, that… Read More

Review: Extra Life By David S. Bennahum

The experience of growing up at the dawn of the video and computer game age is one that I know all-to-well. Video games and computers exploded at the end of the 70’s and have became an increasingly larger… Read More

Review: Atari 2600 Dragonstomper.

In 1981 a small company named Arcadia was formed with the purpose of cashing in on the craze that was home video games. The company was quickly renamed Starpath when it was learned that at least one copyright… Read More

Book Review: The Art Of Computer Game Design by Chris Crawford

(Note: How great is this book?  I wrote this 10 years ago, and all I had to do was change about 20 words, and this review is as relevant now as it was in 2007) By all rights,… Read More

Review: Why I Loved Raiders Of The Lost Ark for The 2600

Wired posted an article a while back about the worst movie tie-in games of all-time, and , Raiders Of The lost Ark for the Atari 2600 made the list. It feels like I’ve been trying to convince people… Read More

S-Town And The Age Of The Binge Podcast

A lot has been written online in the past week about the new podcast “S-Town” from the producers of Serial and This American Life.   “S-Town” seemed to drop out of the blue last week as a bingable,… Read More

Review: Lucky Wander Boy plus Interview With Author D.B. Weiss

(note: An edited version of  this review originally appeared on http://www.gamerdad.com in 2003) About 15 years ago, I  ventured past the realm of the “Classic Game Fan” to a destination that can only be described as the absurd.  I… Read More

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