Kinect Day 3 : 5:00 AM Workout, plus Detecting All sizes

So I’m on to day #3 of my Microsoft Kinect adventure (not to be confused with Microsoft’s Kinect Adventures, the pack-in game).    I got up at 5:00 AM this morning to test out my ability to make… Read More

Microsoft Kinect Day 2: Punching And Kicking My Way to 180 lbs With No Excuses.

Day 2 of Microsoft Kinect has been spent playing Ubi Soft’s “Your Shape Fitness Evolved” which would be the most metrosexual game imaginable if it was not for all concentration on hitting stuff.  There might be all kinds… Read More

Review : Atari Haunted House – Wii : Plus Win A Copy!

Note: This is the first a new series of articles where we review new games from a retro/viral/indie/web game developer/technical writer perspective.  Since we are not a game review site, we don’t want to review every game out… Read More

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 for the Wii

Soccer video games have not changed very much since the the first 3D version of FIFA appeared on the 3DO almost 15 years ago. The graphics and models have gotten much better, and the licensed player names have… Read More

Review: Pinball Hall Of Fame:Williams Collection for the Wii

A week or so back I wrote a pissed-off blog entry about how it was to find Pinball Hall Of Fame Williams Collection for the Wii out in the wild. That has not changed, and I still have… Read More

Are Retro Games Mid-Core? An In-Depth Review.

In the past few weeks after our Mid-Core Gamer ideas filtered out on to the interbaun, I have seen a question pop-up many times: What about retro games? There are many “retro gamers” out there that fit the… Read More

Bookworm Adventures Review

Bookworm Adventures   Platforms:PC Links: Official Site Game Play: A serious update to the Pop Cap classic Bookworm Deluxe. Fight monsters by creating words from a grid of 16 letter tiles. Play through three separate books and several… Read More

Alien Shooter Vengeance Review

Alien Shooter Vengeance   Platforms:PC Links: Official Site Gameplay:Blast scores of aliens in this 2.5D isometric shooter. The game has the feel of the “Fallout” series put into an action game. 8/10 Intangibles:Feels old school, but plays very… Read More

Review: "Carnival Games" For The Nintendo Wii (7.5 out of 10)

“Carnival Games” from Global Star software for the Nintendo Wii is the best game ever made about, umm, Carnival Games. This is certainly a game that would have been a minor failure on any other platform, but on… Read More

Indie Game Showcase: New Star Soccer 3 – the best $20 I've spent in a LONG TIME!

Do all the fancy controls of the Fifa series confuse, frustrate or annoy you? Do you value playability over fancy rendered realistic images of Ronaldo’s bald head? If you have any interest in Soccer, or role playing games,… Read More

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