Required Reading: "On The Edge: The Spectacular Rise And Fall Of Commodore" by Brian Bagnall

I have to admit, when I avoided reading On The Edge: The Spectacular Rise And Fall Of Commodore by Brian Bagnall for about 12 months for one reason: Commodore. The name makes me throw-up in mouth a little…. Read More

Guitar Hero : Air Guitar Stance Poll

I’m very curious.  How do you others play “Guitar Hero”?  Do you playing sitting down like Keith Richards,  standing up swinging your arm like Pete Townsend,  “machine gunning” like Nigel Tufnel, or do you just feel like an idiot while… Read More

Indie Game Showcase: New Star Soccer 3 – the best $20 I've spent in a LONG TIME!

Do all the fancy controls of the Fifa series confuse, frustrate or annoy you? Do you value playability over fancy rendered realistic images of Ronaldo’s bald head? If you have any interest in Soccer, or role playing games,… Read More

PC Games are Dead!

That seems a little sensational doesn’t it? Well it is exactly how I feel right now. Even if you don’t take into account the abject failure of Vista or the re-emergence of Nintendo, there are reasons why I… Read More

Web Round-Up. Cool Retro Gaming stuff on the web.

If you are new to emulation, or just want to replace some old roms or emulators you have lost, Digital Press has a nice selection of older emulators and roms. This is one of the few places on… Read More


OK, so I was at Target on Friday looking for cheap games in the marked-down section (red price-tags!) and I found a copy of “Big Mutha Trickers 2” for $2.49. Since I have a weakness for trucking games,… Read More

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