Fact Checkers Sharpen Your Pencils: Nolan Bushnell Interviewed For NPR’s “How I Built This” Podcast

Let me just get this out of the way, I LOVE Nolan Bushnell.  He is the visionary without which we would not have all that is and was Atari.  Sure, if he did not start Atari with Ted… Read More

Review: Phoenix IV : The History Of The Video Game Industry By Leonard Herman

Phoenix IV : The History Of The Video Game Industry by Leonard Herman  is the most well researched, historically accurate chronicle of the video game industry that you will ever find.   Almost completely devoid of conjecture, hyperbole, and… Read More

Podcast Review: Antic Interviews “Wild” Bill Stealy Co-Founder of Microprose Software

I’m a huge fan of Antic, The Atari Podcast from Randy Kindig, Kevin Savetz, and Brad Arnold.  I’m especially fond of the interview episodes conducted by  Kevin Savetz.  The sheer volume of interviews they produce is astounding.  Many… Read More

Atari Flashback Portable Game Player: Review

I’ve been waiting for a device like the  AtGames Atari Flashback Portable Game Player for many many years.    I’ve always dreamed of holding a mini-Atari 2600 in my hands, and playing all my favorite VCS games from… Read More

Atari Vault : Multi-Player Breathes New Life Into Age-Old Games

I spent much of last weekend attempting to get a multi-player games started with someone, anyone, on the internet. It was not a game of Star Wars Battlefront, or Words With Friends, or even Clash Royale. It was a… Read More

What Indie Game Developers Can Learn From Jordon Mechner’s Book “The Making Of Karateka”

I’ve always been a huge fan of Jordon Mechner’s Karateka.  Released in late 1984, it was one of the major  games that bridged the gap between the pure arcade games of “Golden Age of Atari” and the richer… Read More

Gone Home : Is The Fullbright Company The New Infocom?

I just finished ”Gone Home”, a new, indie, PC game developed by the Fullbright Company. At $19.99 (through Steam) it’s the most expensive PC game I have bought in a long time, and clocking in at just about… Read More

Vectrex Regeneration + iCade: Proof That “Retro” Gaming Is Alive And Well In The Mobile Era

I believe technology has reached the point where “retro” game collections can move beyond mere curious nostalgia, and truly return players to a specific time and place in their past.   I recently experienced something akin to this… Read More

Book Review: Atari Inc. : Business Is Fun

  My review of the new book,  Atari Inc. Business Is Fun,  by Curt Vendel and Marty Goldberg is up over at Gamasutra.com Here is an excerpt:  Atari Inc: Business Is Fun  is an exciting, messy, sprawling tour-de-force that fills… Read More

I Wish I Had Made That! Dragon Fantasy From Muteki Corp

Dragon Fantasy This is a new column named “I Wish I Had Made That!” where we explore games that are so close to our hearts, that we wish we had made them ourselves.  In fact, most will be… Read More

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