Classic Games And CGE at E3 2004 (R.I.P. Keith Robinson)

Note: This is a lost story from before existed.   It was published June 1st, 2004 on Andrew Bub’s as E3 Embraces The Classics.   This was the first time I met Keith Robinson, one of… Read More

Review: Atari 2600 Dragonstomper.

In 1981 a small company named Arcadia was formed with the purpose of cashing in on the craze that was home video games. The company was quickly renamed Starpath when it was learned that at least one copyright… Read More

Review: Why I Loved Raiders Of The Lost Ark for The 2600

Wired posted an article a while back about the worst movie tie-in games of all-time, and , Raiders Of The lost Ark for the Atari 2600 made the list. It feels like I’ve been trying to convince people… Read More

Atari Flashback Portable Game Player: Review

I’ve been waiting for a device like the  AtGames Atari Flashback Portable Game Player for many many years.    I’ve always dreamed of holding a mini-Atari 2600 in my hands, and playing all my favorite VCS games from… Read More

Gone Home : Is The Fullbright Company The New Infocom?

I just finished ”Gone Home”, a new, indie, PC game developed by the Fullbright Company. At $19.99 (through Steam) it’s the most expensive PC game I have bought in a long time, and clocking in at just about… Read More

I Wish I Had Made That! Dragon Fantasy From Muteki Corp

Dragon Fantasy This is a new column named “I Wish I Had Made That!” where we explore games that are so close to our hearts, that we wish we had made them ourselves.  In fact, most will be… Read More

Review: Atari Greatest Hits Volume 1 For The Nintendo DS

Playing retro games is much adu about nuance.   If the little things do not feel “right”, the overall game is usually failure, no matter how much effort went into recreating the past.  Nuances are much more than… Read More

Kinect Day 3 : 5:00 AM Workout, plus Detecting All sizes

So I’m on to day #3 of my Microsoft Kinect adventure (not to be confused with Microsoft’s Kinect Adventures, the pack-in game).    I got up at 5:00 AM this morning to test out my ability to make… Read More

Microsoft Kinect Day 2: Punching And Kicking My Way to 180 lbs With No Excuses.

Day 2 of Microsoft Kinect has been spent playing Ubi Soft’s “Your Shape Fitness Evolved” which would be the most metrosexual game imaginable if it was not for all concentration on hitting stuff.  There might be all kinds… Read More

Review : Atari Haunted House – Wii : Plus Win A Copy!

Note: This is the first a new series of articles where we review new games from a retro/viral/indie/web game developer/technical writer perspective.  Since we are not a game review site, we don’t want to review every game out… Read More

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