Apparenty, 360 "Natal" is Named "Kinect", And Apparenty Someone Jumped The Gun On Talking About It

It’s now official (maybe) that the Xbox 360 “Motion Control” device, once named “Natal” will be named “Kinect”, and apparently we are not supposed to know this yet. The USA Today game “blog” (column, whatever) went with a… Read More

Review: New Star Games Sensational World Soccer 2010

Wanna play some digital footie? Synopsis:Sensational World Of Soccer 2010 Review.Are you a USA fan who wants to replay the England match and try to put more goals by the hapless Robert Green? Are you an England fan… Read More

Ace The Super Villain's Alloy Tengu 2 DX Featured on the Yo Yo Games Site

Ace The Super Villain’s Alloy Tengu 2 DX Featured on the Yo Yo Games Site No, it’s not a Flash game, and it isn’t even playable in a web browser (yet), but The Yo Yo Games site (the… Read More

Today Only: 100% Of Your Purchase At Goes To Haiti Relief

Today only, you can load-up on games (some of the best games ever made) and every penny you spend will go to the Haiti relief effort. If you have been waiting around to buy such games as… Read More

I Play/Read All This Stuff At Once???

I noticed yesterday that I have too many games being played and books being read at exactly the same time.  All of these games/books are being played/read at different times, when I’m doing different things. -Mac: M.U.L.E. (new… Read More

Press Space To Win Is Pretty Awesome

Press Space To Win is pretty awesome I was trolling message boards and portals this morning because of my inherent need to procrastinate rather than work on the three games I have going at once. On the Mochi… Read More

Three iPhone Game Video Previews

You know, to be honest, we never planned to review iPhone games on this site. However, someone asked us first, we decided “OK, why not?”, and since then we have been inundated with requests to review iPhone games…. Read More

iPhone Game Reviews: Aqua Jigsaw and Jigsaw Wild From

Jigsaw puzzles have been a staple of web-based Flash games for many years. The combination of hi-res images and and the mouse/web interface made a nice platform for easy to play and easy to digest small jigsaw based… Read More

iPhone Game Reviews: Rainbow Ninja

Rainbow Ninja is a tough game to review, since it is not really much of a game at all. It’s more of test of the ability to read words and see colors. It is very similar to one… Read More

Awesome Retro Flash Game, Jump!

I was just trolling around the various portals this morning and I came across an absolutely fantastic retro Flash game called Jump. I have looked around and I can’t actually find the real authors name, so I cannot… Read More

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