“Perfect!” : Book Review: Galaga By Michael Kimball

Perfect ! A Minimalist Coming Of Age Story By Way Of The Best Golden Age Single Screen Shooter I recently finished “Galaga” by Michael Kimball, book #4 in the “Boos Fight Books” series, and I’m still kind of… Read More

Book Review: The Impossible Fortress by Jason Rekulak

When the marketing team at Simon and Schuster were calculating the target demographic for Jason Rekulak’s first novel, The Impossible Fortress, I’m sure they didn’t segment it directly to  “romantic-at-heart mid-to-late 40’s  computer nerds who are impossibly stuck… Read More

Review: Extra Life By David S. Bennahum

The experience of growing up at the dawn of the video and computer game age is one that I know all-to-well. Video games and computers exploded at the end of the 70’s and have became an increasingly larger… Read More

Book Review: The Art Of Computer Game Design by Chris Crawford

(Note: How great is this book?  I wrote this 10 years ago, and all I had to do was change about 20 words, and this review is as relevant now as it was in 2007) By all rights,… Read More

Review: Lucky Wander Boy plus Interview With Author D.B. Weiss

(note: An edited version of  this review originally appeared on http://www.gamerdad.com in 2003) About 15 years ago, I  ventured past the realm of the “Classic Game Fan” to a destination that can only be described as the absurd.  I… Read More

Review: Phoenix IV : The History Of The Video Game Industry By Leonard Herman

Phoenix IV : The History Of The Video Game Industry by Leonard Herman  is the most well researched, historically accurate chronicle of the video game industry that you will ever find.   Almost completely devoid of conjecture, hyperbole, and… Read More

What Indie Game Developers Can Learn From Jordon Mechner’s Book “The Making Of Karateka”

I’ve always been a huge fan of Jordon Mechner’s Karateka.  Released in late 1984, it was one of the major  games that bridged the gap between the pure arcade games of “Golden Age of Atari” and the richer… Read More

Book Review: Atari Inc. : Business Is Fun

  My review of the new book,  Atari Inc. Business Is Fun,  by Curt Vendel and Marty Goldberg is up over at Gamasutra.com Here is an excerpt:  Atari Inc: Business Is Fun  is an exciting, messy, sprawling tour-de-force that fills… Read More

Book Review: Fantasy Freaks And Gaming Geeks by Ethan Gilsdorf

Here it is, I’ll come out and say it.  I used to play pencil and paper role playing games.  I played games like Dungeons And Dragons, Palladium and Call Of Cthulhu for most of the 80’s. I was blessed… Read More

iWoz: The "Steve" I Always Liked Was Wozniak

With all the hoopla about the passing of world’s greatest technology dictator and reality distortion master last week (okay, and the greatest tech visionary of the last 20 years, but’s who’s counting?), it appeared that, once again, Steve… Read More

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