Simply Brilliant: XKCD New Map Of Online Communities

Take a look at the map.

We definitely fit into the "Plains of Awkwardly Public Family Interactions", and are nearly entrenched in "Niche Market Mountains" while actually drowning in the "Bay of Drama", clinging to a life raft floating passed "Tech Blogs" our our way to in the giant "Sea Of Opinions". At least we are no longer heading in the current toward the "Sea of Zero (0) comments", although I assume that this post might have us turning in that direction.


Simply Brilliant: Keanu Is Sad / Sad Keanu Meme

This is not game related so I created an entire new category on the blog for things that I feel are "simply brilliant" and need to be shared. I would have just "liked" this to my Facebook page, but there is no like button on the page.

My favorite part of this is Keanu Photoshopped into the "face-palm" Storm Trooper with the words "Those WERE the droids I was looking for" plastered above his head...simply brilliant!

Check out the Keanu Is Sad/Sad Keanu Meme if you have not already.

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