S2:E16 Finale: The Best Atari Christmas Ever

The Season 2 finale of Into The Vertical Blank. In this episode we pull out all the stops and explain exactly why Atari means so much to us. This honest, naked, all-cards-on-the-table, frank episode includes an Eponymous Story… Read More

S2:E10: Playing Outside in Generation X

To salute the end of summer, w e are re-running a story from last season named “Big Mouse And Little Mouse” that has been updated, expanded and remastered.   This is a story about the type of imaginative play… Read More

S2:E6: Why We Collect Atari

In this episode, Steve and Jeff have a frank discussion about what they collect and why they collect Atari.  Also includes a couple segments from Steve’s “Fultonbot’s Atari Quest” blog series, as well as an impromptu live remote… Read More

S1:E4: Escape To The Asteroids Zone :Part 1

Into The Vertical Blank: Generation Atari Season 1, Episode 4:  Escape To The Asteroids Zone : Part 1 Into The Vertical Blank: Generation Atari Season 1, Episode 4: Escape To The Asteroids Zone Part 1. In Part One… Read More

Ballad Of Atari: 1982-1984

Ballad Of Atari: 1982 E.T. And Pac-Man Not The Worst, Yet Not The Best The Gamers Notice       Ballad Of Atari: 1983 800XL Flag Ship. Work Horse.  All That Jazz. Cliches Of Awesome      … Read More

Ballad Of Atari: 1981

Ballad Of Atari: 1981 (part 1) Never Ending Walls Fall Down To My Bouncing Ball In Super Breakout         Ballad Of Atari: 1981(part 2) Ugly Garden Gnome Hides Within The Mushroom Field Shoots Gross Insects… Read More

Ballad Of Atari: 1980

Ballad Of Atari: 1980 (part 1) VCS Breaks Through Sales Sky Rocket With Space Invaders Cartridge       Ballad Of Atari: 1980 (part 2) Atari Is The Fastest Growing Company Ever Recorded

Ballad Of Atari: 1979

 Ballad Of Atari: 1979 (part 1) Rocks Floating In Space Insert Coin To  Shoot. Collects Quarters By The Ton             Ballad Of Atari: 1979 (part 1) The Four Horseman Of David, Larry Bob,… Read More

Ballad Of Atari: 1977-1978

Ballad Of Atari: 1977 TIA, RIOT and 6507. VCS Changes Everything             Ballad Of Atari: 1978 A Board Room Showdown Bushnell Booted By Gerard Welcome Ray Kassar

Ballad Of Atari: 1975-1976

Ballad Of Atari: 1975 LSI Home Pong A Chip Off The Coin-Op Block Sporting Goods For Nerds     Ballad Of Atari: 1976 Warner Buys Into VCS promise. Bushnell Starts Thinking: “Pizza?”

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