S1:E4: Escape To The Asteroids Zone :Part 1

Into The Vertical Blank: Generation Atari Season 1, Episode 4:  Escape To The Asteroids Zone : Part 1 Into The Vertical Blank: Generation Atari Season 1, Episode 4: Escape To The Asteroids Zone Part 1. In Part One… Read More

Ballad Of Atari: 1982-1984

Ballad Of Atari: 1982 E.T. And Pac-Man Not The Worst, Yet Not The Best The Gamers Notice       Ballad Of Atari: 1983 800XL Flag Ship. Work Horse.  All That Jazz. Cliches Of Awesome      … Read More

Ballad Of Atari: 1981

Ballad Of Atari: 1981 (part 1) Never Ending Walls Fall Down To My Bouncing Ball In Super Breakout         Ballad Of Atari: 1981(part 2) Ugly Garden Gnome Hides Within The Mushroom Field Shoots Gross Insects… Read More

Ballad Of Atari: 1980

Ballad Of Atari: 1980 (part 1) VCS Breaks Through Sales Sky Rocket With Space Invaders Cartridge       Ballad Of Atari: 1980 (part 2) Atari Is The Fastest Growing Company Ever Recorded

Ballad Of Atari: 1979

 Ballad Of Atari: 1979 (part 1) Rocks Floating In Space Insert Coin To  Shoot. Collects Quarters By The Ton             Ballad Of Atari: 1979 (part 1) The Four Horseman Of David, Larry Bob,… Read More

Ballad Of Atari: 1977-1978

Ballad Of Atari: 1977 TIA, RIOT and 6507. VCS Changes Everything             Ballad Of Atari: 1978 A Board Room Showdown Bushnell Booted By Gerard Welcome Ray Kassar

Ballad Of Atari: 1975-1976

Ballad Of Atari: 1975 LSI Home Pong A Chip Off The Coin-Op Block Sporting Goods For Nerds     Ballad Of Atari: 1976 Warner Buys Into VCS promise. Bushnell Starts Thinking: “Pizza?”

Flashback Post! Review of PS2 Activision Anthology (2003)

Activision Anthology PS2 By Steve Fulton  For A Change, Nostalgia Is Done The Right Way…But Will your Kids Care? The name “Activision” means more to me than it rightly should, and far too much than I can ever admit to… Read More

Atari Flashback Portable Game Player: Review

I’ve been waiting for a device like the  AtGames Atari Flashback Portable Game Player for many many years.    I’ve always dreamed of holding a mini-Atari 2600 in my hands, and playing all my favorite VCS games from… Read More

The Wild Gunman (1976)

  “A gun is never empty” my dad told me. He was looking straight at me. He was looking into my eyes. He had never done that before. That I could recall any way. “A gun is always… Read More

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