The Wild Gunman (1976)

  “A gun is never empty” my dad told me. He was looking straight at me. He was looking into my eyes. He had never done that before. That I could recall any way. “A gun is always… Read More

Excerpt From The Diary Of An Atari Nerd

Note: Here is a piece of creative non-fiction.  I’ve changed the names, and compacted some events, but everything is true that happened.  I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a fictionalized diary based on real events for… Read More

Atari Vault : Multi-Player Breathes New Life Into Age-Old Games

I spent much of last weekend attempting to get a multi-player games started with someone, anyone, on the internet. It was not a game of Star Wars Battlefront, or Words With Friends, or even Clash Royale. It was a… Read More

Feeling A Bit Atari Today


Celebrate the Web’s 25th Anniversary with O’Reilly – 50% off all Web Dev e-books

So you have been waiting to get your hot little hands on a new bo0k to compete in the emerging market for web and HTML5 (for mobile and web). O’Reilly makes it easier today with 50% all e-books… Read More

To Coin A phrase: “Flappy Birded”

Phrase: Flappy Birded (Verb) Definition: Used when a the internet-at-large destroys an honest and earnest individual because said person had the audacity to become successful. Usually occurs when said person is not already famous  or is not deemed… Read More

Gone Home : Is The Fullbright Company The New Infocom?

I just finished ”Gone Home”, a new, indie, PC game developed by the Fullbright Company. At $19.99 (through Steam) it’s the most expensive PC game I have bought in a long time, and clocking in at just about… Read More

Comprehensive List of Lucas Arts Titles Released for Classic Atari Machines

By Jeff Fulton (@8bitrocket on twitter) To the majority of the public, Atari died in 1983 and is relegated to hipster t-shirts and trucker hats with ironic joysticks on them.  While 90% of the USA and 70% of… Read More

Enthusiasts Plan Kickstarter Campaign To Buy Atari Assets And Run It Like It’s 1977 All Over Again

The current company that holds the Atari brand and assets is filing for bankruptcy and planning to sell everything to the highest bidder   That fact is not as much news as an update to the “when will… Read More

In His Latest Column, Bob Cringley Finally Tackles The Current State Of I.T.

Bob Cringley has finally done it.  He has finally written a column that tries to tackle the current sad state of corporate IT.  You have to read until the end, but in a single paragraph he crystalizes the… Read More

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