Microsoft Kinect: It Sees My Feet!!!

I’ve had my microsoft Kinect for excatly 1 hour now, and i’m totally hooked.  All of the things that frusted me about the Wii have been fixed.  Sports games are amazing on this thing, mostly because it can… Read More

Adobe Max Day 2: Dave Berzack And Filthy Mouthed Puppets

The Adobe Max day 2 general session was a well produced set of fake TV shows designed to entertain the creative and technical class attending the event.  Most of it went of pretty well, but for me the… Read More

Adobe Max Flash Game Update: 3D, Controllers & Terry Paton!

We just got out of the Adobe Max 2010 general session.  There was a lot of information about where Adobe is taking Flash.  They showed Google TV working with Air apps, and some really nice looking e-magazines developed… Read More

The Forums Are On Fire!

OK, maybe not “fire”, but we are getting as steady stream of posts now, which is really cool.  Thanks to all the new users who have come around and started participating.  It’s really starting to get fun. In… Read More

Beta Forums Testing

We are testing the new forums here: Please test them out and tell us about any problems you might have. thanks, – Management

Commodore To Make PC in Classic Commodore Case: Pong Ball's In Your Court, Atari

It turns out, a company has bought the “Commdore” name and is planning to create a PC housed in a Commdore 64 case. that’s awesome. However, personally can’t buy one as it is simply against my Atari sensibilities to do so. However, if Atari would do the same thing, with the Atari 800 (too large actually), 65XE (too small) or the 800 XL (just right), I’d buy it in a second.

So how about it Atari?

Full press release below:

Companies ink deal to produce new line of All-In-One keyboard computers.

(not) Royalty Free H.264 (Might) Boost HTML5 Video & The Canvas, But Flash Still Has A Chance (Analysis) : Updated

Yesterday it was announced that MPEG LA, the patent holder for H.264 (MPEG-4) will “never” charge a licensing fee for video encoded as H.264 and delivered for “free” over the internet. What does this mean? Well it means… Read More

Vacation Game Brainstorm: Mark Twain was here…?

So I’m on a short trip with my family on California Highway 49, in the Gold Country.  Specifically, we have been roaming Calaveras County, the very same county made famous by a certain Samual Clemons in his story… Read More

The Future Of Web Games: The Google Chrome App Store is running a story from GDC Europe about the Google Chrome App Store.   From the details provided, it looks like Google has a real winner on their hands.  Here are the highlights from the article. Google Chrome… Read More

Help – Trackback spam

We are new to the WordPress world. While 99.99% of everything in this new land is awesome, there a a few annoyances. The biggest is the literal flood of Trackback link spam from “viral marketing” and “affiliate workers”…. Read More

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