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One thing we forgot when we moved the site was to update the Feedburner to point to the new site. I just remembered to do it this morning. Here is the new Feedburner RSS link: …which also… Read More

Tunnel Panic

Tunnel Panic is very simple game. As your ship flies through the retro, 8-bit tunnel, simply press the space bar to move it up. Dodge everything and stay alive for as long as you can. You get more points the longer you make it through the tunnel.

Mine-X 4K

Mine-X 4K is an Asteroids like game played in a 360 degree scrolling world. It was my entry into the Game Poetry / Gaming Your Way 4K game contest. This version is 16K with the addition of Mochi Ads and Leader Boards only.

Bratney Escape the Madness

You are Bratney, a spoiled party-girl ex-star, with 2 babies, an annoying ex-husband, and a gang of paparazzi chasing you down at every corner. You are tasked with keeping Bratney’s bank account full by collecting the hearts of her fans and any cash left laying around. You are chased by a trio of increasingly more vicious paparazzi types, culminating in the fastest, most blood thirsty: a boyfriend wanna-be. Also in our hero’s way are her ex-husband who will latch on to her and steal money from her account until she listens to his latest CD. She will also need to contend with he two dear babies, who will slow her down until she finds a wad of cash to pay the baby sitter

Home Computer Wars Alpha Mission

Description The first in a series of classic style shooter games in which you attempt to change history to make the Atari 800 the dominate computer system of the 80’s…by force.

Zamboozal Poker Dice PC-DOS (1995)

The 1995 Version of Zamboozal Poker Dice Written in Borland C++ for DOS.

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