Why Information Technology Director Is The Most Hated Job In America (An Anecdotal Account)

CNBC ran a story on Friday about the 10 Most Hated Jobs In America.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that job I left in corporate America after 15 years was represented generously on the list.  In fact,… Read More

On to…Electrotank

8bitsteve here. So I’ve just finished a stint at the company “that shall not be named” after an experience that I can only describe with the words “no comment“.  After a week of trying to figure out my… Read More

The Game Shift 001: Thoughts On Week 1

I recently moved from working in a highly structured corporate development environment at one of the world’s largest toy companies to a loosely structured start-up environment at one of the world’s largest game companies. The Game Shift is… Read More

Management Sucks 001: No, It's Not "Just Business"

While working as a developer and then later as a manager for  “The Monolith” for 15 years, I learned a lot about how old-style corporations feel about their regular employees.    This new series, Management sucks, explores some… Read More

No More Corporate Teat – #3 – The First Day

Today was the first real work-day of my non-corporate development life. Since I have an iPad contract that starts up soon (I am a little scared as the client is delaying a little on getting it initiated) I… Read More

More Algorithms For Modern Managers

I’ve been looking for these for a very long time, and I finally found them. We came up with these many years ago, and I think they still hold-true today.  The following are 21st Century “algorithms” that modern… Read More

Algorithms For Modern Managers: Calculating Christmas Bonus

Here is the first in a series of “Managment Sucks” “algorithms for modern managers” (written in ActionScript!) private function getManagerChristmasBonus(mgr:Manager, employees:Array) : Number { var managerBonus:Number = 5000; for (var i=0; i< employees.length; i++) { switch (employee[i].status) {… Read More

Management Sucks Finally Finds A Suitable Game!!

Finally, a game about work. I’ve been looking for a good Flash game to launch the Management Sucks game repository for some time. Idea Killer from Othmar Wicke (http://www.otwic.com/) is just the type of game I have been… Read More

Bob Cringely Discovers The Major Flaw Of I.T. In the 21st Century

I like Bob Cringely, but in recent years he has rarely written about anything that I can relate to.  However, his new series of I.T. related columns has really hit the mark  This week’s column has, probably, the… Read More

Something Missing In Wisconsin (Update)

OK, so I actually found a place that has “Health Guards” (Protectos, ass gaskets) in Wisconsin.  However, I’m pretty sure they are new to the region. There was a was a sign above the toilet that read. “Please keep our… Read More

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