Oliver Snyders' Dot Devour added to the 8bitrocket Retro Arcade

Oliver Snyders' Dot Devour added to the 8bitrocket Retro Arcade

The Retro Arcade hasn't had a lot of love lately as other priorities have hit 8bitrocket towers. So, this week I am going to add a game a day to make up for it. For the second day in a row, I add an Oliver Snyders gem. This time it is a psychedelic retro power house that combines multiple classic genres with modern game play aesthetics.

Instructions and write up by Oliver:
Guide your Avatar to collect dots that add more play time, while avoiding enemies trying to stop you.

Use your mouse to collect dots and move your Avatar to avoid enemies.
Your timer is represented by a circle around the Avatar - if the circle is red, you're almost out of time. If you run out of time, it's game over.
Convert collected dots into more time by visiting one of four Time Cradles in the corners of the screen.

Movement - Mouse
Action - Left-mouse button


Our take:
I don't know how to describe Dot Devour other than it is what Jeff Minter might have done with a Pacman/Qix combo game if he had been on acid while actually coding it. The look and feel is pure 16-bit retro and the sounds 8-bit (right out and Atari 800 or C64 game).  It is so much more than Pacman/Qix though as it combines it's retro look and feel with a purely 21st century casual game aesthetic. Don't miss it.


Oliver Snyders' Atomsphere added to the 8bitrocket Retro Arcade

Oliver Snyders' Atomsphere added to the 8bitrocket Retro Arcade

Boy do I love Missile Command! It is was one of the absolute best Atari 2600 coin-op conversions (Rob Fulop classic). Oliver's game is very similar, but with some modern twists.

"Shoot down incoming missiles and passing UFOs to protect your cities and upgrade your abilities." - Oliver Snyders

Use your mouse to shoot down incoming missiles, upgrade your defenses and destructive power, all the while protecting your cities from UFOs and an Atomic Bomb!

Movement - Mouse
Action - Left-mouse button


8bitrocket Take:  Atomsphere is a very fun, addictive Missile Command variant. The visual style is very modern, but the game play is very very classic.


New Star Soccer Trials added to the 8bitrocket Retro Arcade

New Star Soccer Trials added to the 8bitrocket Retro Arcade

What a treat to stumble upon Simon Read's first viral Flash game. Created as an advertisement for his incredible New Star Soccer 4, New Star Soccer Trials pits you in the role of squad trainee, competing for a place on the team.  The retro look and feel are straight out of Sensible and Kick Off (as well as taken directly from his own NSS3).

What does the author have to say:
Show the coach that you have what it takes to be a football superstar!
by Simon Read (New Star Games)


8bitrocket take:
8bitrocket take: It's no secret that I am a huge fan of the New Star Soccer series of games. I stumbled onto Simon's mini Flash version of some of the training challenges and I haven't been able to put it away since. It has the retro look I loved so much from NSS3 - think Sensi crossed with Kick Off. Anyway, enjoy what I hope will be Si's first of many great retro Flash games.  TRY IT!


Apple II remake Lander Anniversary added to the 8bitrocket Retro Arcade

Apple II remake, Lander Anniversary, added to the 8bitrocket Retro Arcade

Lander Anniversary by Megazorb (longanimalsgames.com) is a remake of his own Apple II game from back in the early days of hobby computing. This version has at least one thing the older version (probably) did not - A Bitchen' 8-bit rag doll-like (well physics based at least) death sequence.

In the author's words:
Land your craft on the alien landscape avoiding the vectoroids. This is a new version of my first published game 25 years ago in the Apple ][ magazine: Windfall. We liked the game so much I re-wrote it.

Use Left and Right arrows to steer, and Up arrow to thrust. Press SPACE to miniaturise your craft for a few seconds. Thrusting and miniaturising use up your fuel so be careful not to run out. Land on the base


8bitrocket take:
Lander Anniversary is a fantastic re-creation of the Apple II game  that Megazorb created in the 80's. This new version looks a little bit more pretty than the Apple was capable of with some eye pleasing particle effects and nice music, but the game play is the ticket. I would have had this up a couple days ago, but every time I fired it up to take a screen shot I couldn't stop myself from playing one more time.

Play it in the 8bitrocket Retro Arcade.


Fun action RPG Whiflash added to the 8bitrocket Retro Arcade Showcase

Whiflash has been added to the 8bitrocket Retro Arcade Showcase. Whiflash is a nice combination of traditional console / computer action rpg combined with s few new, very unique elements.

In the developer's own words (Lauri Hosio):
Description: In Whiflash you play as a golem who joins the Stone Guard to defend his country. Your first mission is to get the POWER CRYSTALS from the caves below the Stone Fort. Your weapon of choice is the flail which is attached to your mouse. Whiflash is a Action RPG/Adventure game.

Rating: Teen

Move: WASD or Arrow keys Attack: Move the mouse quickly around like a flail Power-ups: 1, 2, 3 and 4 keys - Press again to de-activate Use potion: Q, E, 0 OR eat one in the Inventory Inventory(pause): Space, I, P, C

8bitrocket take:
Whiflash is a fun, well made action RPG very similar to a number of classic games, but also unique unto itself. The whipping action of the main weapon certainly makes for some unique game action. The game play starts out with the retro. time honored task of killing a rat, but soon moves to battles and quests that are more involved and detailed.  What it might lack in a little visual and sonic polish here and there, it makes up for by being a detailed and involved rpg.

Play it now!


Exceptional Quality Atari ST Remake, Abominaball Added to the 8bitrocket Retro Showcase

Quality Atari ST Remake, Abominaball Added to the
8bitrocket Retro Showcase

Here is the description straight from author, Richard

Defuse the bombs in the right order in this 50 level arcade puzzle
game. Don't touch the wrong bomb or take too long, and be careful how
you plan your route - the grid you are walking on doesn't stay around
for ever! The first 15 levels start you off gently, and then you'll
really need to work the grey matter to proceed.

Try it now!


8bitrocket Take: Richard's awesome take on an Atari ST Public Domain
classic. This one has everything you would ever want in a remake and a
modern casual action game mixed into one. There is even a special
"8bitrocket" level start code that can be used for a DBUG/Automation CD
scene start screen. Zarjaz all over the place.


Unique shooter, Split 'em Up, added to the 8bitrocket retro showcase

Unique shooter, Split 'em Up, added to the 8bitrocket retro showcase


Created by Mochi user, mattS,
'em Up
is a top notch retro
shooter. From the eye pleasing gradient arcade font to the retro music
selection, this one is pure retro class.  It's a very fun,
unique shooter with some great game-play innovations. 

mattS's description: Retro shooter with a modern twist. Split your guns
to create maximum firepower!


Try Split
'em Up
today in the 8bitrocket


Superb Retro Shooter Hallows Revenge Added to The 8bitrocket Retro Showcase

Superb Retro Shooter Hallows Revenge Added to The 8bitrocket Retro Showcase

Play it now in our Retro Showcase

Created by Mochi developer, Earthwind, in their words:
You must defend Earth against the invading fleet of Hallow, a remote planet where Halloween is the normal way of life! The citizens of Hallow have constructed a fleet of space worthy vessels that are on their way to invade Earth. You, an experimental space fighter test pilot, must destroy them before it's too late. There are five waves of enemies that you must destroy.

8bitrocket take:
Hallows Revenge might be shrugged off by some as just another Halloween game, but this thing has EVER GREEN written all over it. From the retro music to the splendid visuals, every care has been made to deliver a top notch vertical shooter game experience. If you like Raiden, Truxton, Foundations Waste, any number of Bitmap Brothers games, Zolar Mercenary, or any type of satisfying shooter, you'll play this gem over and over!

Play Hallows Revenge in Retro Showcase:


Retro Game Showcase: Back In Action

OK, I'm back at a house and back in the saddle ready find some cool retro-inspired games to waste some of your precious time. This week we have 5 more. I'm sorry the review descriptions are short, but I'm still getting back into the swing of this.


A really cool combination of Asteroids, Gravitar and Sinistar. The vector look and feel as a nice retro sensability, and game plays very smoothly.

Snowy: Treasure Hunter 2

: The Snowy games have been a fixture of Alawar for a few years now. They are expertly designed and programmed platform games are beauty to behold. This is particularly striking one.

Asteroid Adventure

A bizarre but intriguing combination of Asteroids and Centipede. Shoot asteroids, and the space worms to knock their power-bars down to nothing, than they split into multiple parts. Very cool idea.


A "base shooter" style game with cool 8-bit sounds. I especially like the weapon upgrades, smooth controls, and overall satisfying feel to this one. Sure, it's a bit like my demo game "Killer Sattelites", but so what?

Space Invaders Multi-Player

We posted this one last week, but i wanted to highlight it again. A multi-player version of Space Invaders? Pretty cool and worth a look. However, I'm still concerned about the use of I.P. Doesn't Taito still own the name and the graphics?




Space invaders Multiplayer Added to the Retro Showcase

8bitrocket.com is proud to announce the addition of Lorenzo Nuvoletta's retro evolved re-make and tribute to the Taito Classic, Space Invaders. Space Invaders Multiplayer employs the Nonba Multiplayer engine to add a very interesting twist to the classic retro action. You and a partner from anywhere in the world can team-up to save the planet from a super fast Alien Invasion. It's great fun, and I have been blastting away all day today. 

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