S2 e15

Season 2: Episode 15: The Atari 7800 and ST. Our Next Gen Super Systems

Notes: Season 2: Episode 15:  The Atari 7800 and ST. Our Next Gen Super Systems In this episode we dig into American Thanksgiving 1986 and discuss our transition from the Atari 800 to the Atari ST with the… Read More

Into the vertical blank: Generation Atari: Season 2, Episode 9 DragonStomper

In the episode, Steve and Jeff take a deep look at the Atari 2600 game Dragon Stomper, what it meant to them in the grand scheme of gaming, and also how it had an effect on early 80’s… Read More

Atari 7800 Expansion Module + An Interview With Kurt Vendel

Yesterday, Legacy Engineering announced a pre-order for their newest product, The Atari 7800 Expansion Module.  Pre-orders receive a  10% discount (for a limited time).  The Atari 7800 Expansion Module includes: Built in High Score keeping capability (compatible with… Read More

AtariMania.com has full PDF editions of all Atari User Magazines

The awesome, though seemingly under-appreciated site, Atari Mania, has hand-scanned (a lot of f***ing work I might add)  versions of the entire 43 issue series of the UK-based Atari User magazine. This is of special interest to USA-Based Atari 8-bit… Read More

Top-10 Game Predictions for 2010-2011

It’s prediction time again.  First, we need to run-down our 2009-2010 predictions and see how we did.  Here they are: 10. Microtransactions In Flash Games Will Struggle. Too many games, too few people willing to pay. The most… Read More

Home Computer Wars Alpha Mission

Description The first in a series of classic style shooter games in which you attempt to change history to make the Atari 800 the dominate computer system of the 80’s…by force.

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