Professor Palindrome! Now For Android Devices

Professor Palindrome! in now available for Android devices.  the Android version cost $.99 and has no ads.  You can get it here:  

HTML5 Puzzle Game : Color Drop : Game Demo + AS3 vs. JavaScript Code Comparison

Color Drop was game that was featured in our book The Essential guide To Flash Games.  Earlier this month I decided to to see how hard it would be to tackle a similar game for HTML5 Canvas for… Read More

HTML5 Canvas Christmas Tree Drag And Drop Demo And Tutorial

Here is another demo from DevCon5.  Yesterday we showed you an action game, now we will show you something completely different.  A Drag And Drop style decoration application of the type we produced by the dozens ta Mattel… Read More

HTML5 Canvas "1945" Game Demo

Here is one of the game demos we showed at Devcon5 last week.  This is an action game named 1945.  It uses graphics from Ari Feldman’s Spritelib and music from   You cannot die in this game…. Read More

2010 Easter Games Revisited

Here are links to the 2010 Easter Games we posted last year.  All are simple games with graphics designed by my girls (8bitsteve).

16K Fate Of The Universe

16K Atari Inspired Retro-Remake Contest Entry: Game Name: Fate Of The Universe (Play it) Game Inspiration: Pong (and maybe Jedi Arena) (click screen shot to play) (click screen shot to play) Author: Ace the Super Villain Ace’s game… Read More

Geo Blaster Basic on the HTML5 Canvas

Steve and I are currently working on an HTML5 Canvas book for O’Reilly (in our spare time). It is giving us a chance to investigate the Canvas in detail and we are applying our game development skills to… Read More

Easter 2010 Bunny Catch (2010)

Catch all the stuff with your bunny. Watch out, it get harder and harder!

Easter 2010 Bunny Battle (2010)

The eggs want to get you! Shoot the mas fast as possible.

Tunnel Panic (Essential Flash Games book demo) (2010)

Game Demo From Essential Guide To Flash Games Book (2010)

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